5 Best Ways To Invest In Yourself

According to the Warren Edward Buffett’s opinion, investments in yourself are the things which we should always perform! In such case everybody is a little bit an investor. We have gathered some pieces of advice on how to learn invest money and time in yourself, and want to tell you why it is really important.

Charles Thomas Munger, a Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, once told:

Warren Buffett became a much better investor from the day when I had met him. Well, and so did I. The secret is that you need to learn 24/7 without thinking that success will come to you by its own.


Warren Buffett has appeared on the pages of various publishings for a lot of times already. This elderly and fantastically rich investor can speak by phrases which you mostly everyone wants to remember. The desire to follow his hints (no matter how extravagant they are) does not seem to be strange and odd since the richest person on the planet cannot advise bad things that do not really work.

Buffett’s tips on the investing topic are remarkable by their simplicity and practical use. You couldn’t even argue with them, because everything he tells is already known to you, but it sounds more ponderable from his mouth.

The most valuable investment you have is you by your own. Everything that improves your talents and skills is worth doing.

Warren Buffett

Thereupon appears a question: how can we invest in yourself? There many methods to do it, and we decided to concentrate not only on those methods lying on the surface but also on those which do not seem to be obvious at first sight.


1. Write an educational plan

During a long period of time I have been using the application Weekly for my daily plan fulfillment. My everyday list included:

  • meditation;
  • half-an-hour lection on Coursera;
  • writing some new plan into my notebook;
  • reading.

Of course, I knew my schedule by heart, but my application made me act even when I did not want to.


Writing an educational plan is the thing you should do above all the others. Define what skills you would like to develop, how you can perform it in the best possible way and how much time you need to spend on it every single day.

2. Surround yourself with more intelligent and successful people

You will feel sometimes badly since we are always confused when somebody from your close company has achieved more than we. In a long term perspective it will pay for itself. The experience of some other people will give you the opportunity to develop even when you are just talking with these people.


3. Improve your communicative skills

You can get to know something new in the following ways: from you own experience, from your work with information and from the experience of some other people. Accordingly, in order to communicate with the successful interlocutors and take over their experience you need to offer something in return for it.


It should be (at least!) good communicative skills. Your interlocutor has to feel some pleasure from your speaking. Your profession is not important here – any person has to speak correctly and tell something interesting.

4. Do not be afraid of spending money

Today people’s refusal to invest money in their own education is becoming weaker and weaker. We understand the importance of different courses, seminars and trips which can improve our professional skills. Buffett, for instance, gives an advice to invest 10% of your income in your own education, and it really does not matter what kind of education it will be: some courses, books or business trips.


5. Develop not only professionally

I know that it is pretty uneasy to develop in some other spheres when your job takes mostly a whole day. However, I have a small secret for you:

When you reveal some interesting activity, you can always find some free time for it in a magical way.


Perhaps, you will sleep an hour less. Perhaps, you will not waste your coffee breaks and leave work earlier. But if you find something you will truly love, the time will appear even when it did not appear earlier.

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