5 Cheapest Universities To Study Abroad

JiJi analyzed the statistics of UNESCO on the most desirable Universities for international students and compiled a list of the most attractive – and, what is more important, affordable universities.

  The situation of getting a higher education in Nigeria is quite uncertain: in spite of a large number of high-quality colleges, the number of entrants exceeds the number of seats by 2.5 times. Far-sighted Nigerian students have no other choice but to try getting an education abroad. Also, in most universities in Europe and the United States the level of education is higher than in Nigeria that noticeably increases the chances to find a good job. students 5 students2 7 students2 8 students2 A Nigerian student who studied in a prestigious University abroad, not only has a chance to make CV look good in employer`s eyes, but also has considerable advantages in getting job in a large international company over a student who educated in Nigeria, especially in such areas as medicine, science and technology, international relations. students 1 students 3
Nigerian students choose foreign Universities not only because of the level of educational, but also because of stability (for example, in many Nigerian universities the studying process is often interrupted by ASUU strikes). asuu strike asuu strike 2

University in Lyon, Lyon, France

For several years, the number of Nigerian students in French universities has considerably grown. Almost 20% of Nigerian students choose 2-year engineering courses. After graduating they receive BTS (Patent senior technician) or DUT (technical University degree). Lyon 1 Lyon 2 University of Lyon offers a complete range of courses in such fields as human and social sciences, languages, art and literature. Its aim is to be a standard-setter at national and international level. An educational offering provided by 13 teaching entities: 6 faculties, 5 institutes, 1 university institute of technology and 1 international centre. Average Tuition Fees: US$1,200 per academic year.

University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary

Universities of Hungary are among the most inexpensive. Moreover, prices for accommodation are also quite affordable. That is the reason why Nigerian students choose to study in Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged and Debrecen. Debrecen 1 Debrecen 2 There are even special programs for foreign students in these universities.

  • Entry requirements are «A» level passes or a high school diploma;
  • All applicants are required to pass an entrance exam.

The University of Debrecen offers studying on such faculties as:

  • architecture and built environment;
  • history of arts;
  • English language and literature;
  • dental sciences;
  • communication and media science;
  • economics;
  • sociology and statistics.

Average Tuition Fees: €1,000 per academic year.


Freie University, Berlin, Germany

Germany attracts foreign students with its openness. Another advantage is low prices for accommodation and a variety of specialized programs for long-term or short-term studying. Good German language skills are required. In most parts of Germany studying in public universities is free for both local and international students, and in those that are not free the average fees are US$ 1000. Freie 1 Freie University is a major center of education in Germany in such study fields as humanities, social and natural sciences. Each year, the University receives students from 80 countries around the world. There is Summer and Winter University the International Summer University of Freie Universität Berlin and the FU-BEST program for international students and graduates. Freie 3 Freie There is also an undergraduate degree program that gives students first degree or diploma for higher education. It includes Bachelor’s degree programs, programs toward the state exam, Diploma or Magister degrees. Master’s degree programs are always graduate programs, which means that it is required that the student has successfully completed an undergraduate program first. Studying on these programs is in English. So, proof of German skills is not required. Consecutive master’s programs are free of charge. Professional master’s programs have tuition fees, which can be different for various programs. Average Tuition Fees: EUR 1500 per academic year.

Aalto University, Aalto, Finland

Finland universities offer a wide variety of educational programs, from short-term courses to full degree programs. All of them have courses taught in English. At 2012 there were 939 Nigerians studying in Finland. Aalto 1 Finland offers doctoral and bachelor’s degree programs for non-EU/EEA students that are free of charge – however, prices for accommodation in Finland are comparatively high. Aalto 2 Aalto 3 Study options:

  1. Bachelor’s degree programs;
  2. Master’s degree programs;
  3. International double degree programs:
  • Applied and Engineering Mathematics;
  • Environmental Engineering;
  • Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering;
  • Maritime Engineering;
  • Polymer Technology;
  • Sustainable Urban Transitions;
  • European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Program;
  • Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems;
  • Security and Mobile Computing;
  • Space Science and Technology.
  1. Doctoral programs.

Russian State Social University,

Moscow, Russian Federation

For the last few years the number of Nigerian students studying in Russia has increased. That is explained by Bilateral Education Agreement between Nigeria and Russia. UNESCO gives information that in 2014 the number of Nigerian students in Russia was about 900. Moscow 1 Moscow 2 Russian State social University includes 12 faculties, Social College, 40 branches. Main faculties: Department of psychology, social medicine and adaptive-rehabilitation technologies; Faculty of social insurance, economics and sociology; Faculty of social management and sociology; Faculty of social science and humanities; Faculty of Arts and cultural activities; Faculty of foreign languages; Faculty of law and juvenile justice; Faculty of informational technologies. Average Tuition Fees: $ 1500 per academic year.   If you don`t have financial question and you have already chosen university, start applying and preparing to entry exams at least a year before the start of studying. If there are no entry examinations, get ready to confirm your language level. Study information about the languages you need to get a good job. Get ready to pass tests and get a certificate.

Also, in many universities in England, France and Germany you will have the preparatory year of study before entering. But it’s definitely worth it to find promising job!

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