5 Reasons To Run Risks More Often

What does a risk mean? On the one hand, this is a possibility to pull a lucky ticket, on the other hand – the danger to fail. So do you need to risk? In this article we give five tips why you need to take risks.

Risk is one of the three things which are difficult to measure. Think about the phrase and its meaning “go for broke”? I did not understand the sense of this phrase, until I started getting into situations where I was given the unique possibility to risk. These situations did not have anything common with jumping from the high cliff or investing all your savings in a new business.

It was more like my choice whether I should follow the approved and save route which will not let you have egg on your face in case of failure, or go your way and do what will be effective and capturing.

Such things as wearing some neutral clothes, using the standard marketing materials of a company, absence of your own point of view during the negotiations with your authorities, are considered to be safe means.


However, if I dilute my clothes with some garish, I will work out my own presentation, will promote my ideas, this will mean that I took a risk and can survive in case of failure.

I like the feeling of risk, that is why I chose the last one, and my choice covered my efforts fully. It made me noticeable for the colleagues, bosses and clients. They started perceiving me as a confident, intelligent and perspective person with whom they can run their business.

From that time I began to mention that a risk has many other advantages which open the door to some great results.

1. Risk makes you more noticeable

An abundant of people prefers the easiest routes in their life. It can be explained in such a way: many of us do not believe in ourselves and our abilities. And risk is always like a challenge for you and some feeling of discomfort.

Taking risks is not a common behaviour in our society. When you risk, you do something beyond the limits and are paid attention to yourself.


And when you become more noticeable, you have much more chances to get promotion, more clients or some interesting offers.

2. Risk leads to changes

Many people are complaining about the thing that they are tired of life they have. They are tired of their work, surrounding and lots of others things. There appears the question: how can we change everything?

There is actually only one way to change your life style – start doing what you have not done before. This is not a very simple tip you might think.

Doing something different is not always comfortable. Moreover, you never know for sure whether you will cope with it, and some uncertainty is accompanied by the feeling of fear.


But the truth is that taking risks and wasting much time without achieving the noticeable results is the only one method to change something in your life. That is why it is worth your efforts. Even if your plan will turn out to be not effective, believe me, it will give you much more useful experience than a crazy amount of years of calm and quiet life.

3. Risk makes you feel alive

There is a certain feeling of satisfaction when you do everything right, however, this feeling will never feel like that trembling which you experience when taking risks.

34. Risk sets high standards

Risk opens the door to great victories. You should feel their taste for one time and your head will immediately form some new standards. You do not feel satisfaction of your previous achievements. From this time you need more and more. And it pushes you to go ahead. In such a way a new comfort zone appears and any risk becomes a common thing. Then you are getting new victories, new results, new comfort.

5. Risk will show what you are quick at

Since a risk is often an expression of your own ideas, points of view and preferences, it can tell a lot about you because the more new things you try, the more new abilities you reveal in yourself and the more you get to know your abilities. And, it its turn, the more you are successful in these new spheres, the more confident you become.

The moral is: we do not know about our true abilities until we do not take risks. We by our own define our limits.

And do the risks have the reverse side? Yes, they do. You can take a risk and lose.

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