7 Reasons You Better Learn Cooking

Eating healthy, tasty and less expensive – these and some more reasons why you should learn to cook by yourself.

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1) It is healthier

Let’s start from that when you are cooking at home you might have an intention to eat what you’ve prepared during nearest period of time. So you are sure your meal is going to be fresh-made and with no additional ingredients to keep it suitable for eating. Besides, when you cook yourself you know what ingredients you put into your dish and where you have taken them from.


As far as you know, going meatless at least once a week reduces your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  And it’s always easier to find some delicious meet-free recipes on the Internet and cook it yourself than go and search for some vegetarian restaurants.

UlmjCYWmhtMLearning to cook also means to take control over your weight. It is a sure fact that calories consumed through homemade foods are obviously much lower compared to the calories consumed through the food you eat at restaurants or food from takeouts.

2) It is economically efficient

The money spent to buy the groceries is nothing compared to the amount spent on eating out or buying packaged meals. When you go to the restaurant keep in mind that you are not going to pay for your meal only but for the building, service, staff and other costs involved with the restaurant. If you decide on ordering meal right to your home, be ready to pay for the packaging and delivering services.


Cooking at home reduces all of these expenses greatly and allows you to buy even more food or spend the money you save on some other more interesting and entertaining things.

3) It tastes better

Do you remember your favorite grandma’s soup? Do you think she put there any cheap chemicals or corn syrup to enhance the flavor of your food? Of course not, she used the natural herbs and species only. And so will you if you start cooking at home. Surely you will get a desire to master your skills in cooking and will find many more secrets of cooking tasty. Besides, you will be able to eat the meal prepared of your favorite ingredients only; you will learn which ones of them can be a perfect match for the most delicious meal to be created ever.


4) It is better for the environment

Without any question, it takes less energy and resources to cook at home. Considering that processed food also is often frozen which means more energy and cooked again – even more energy, with each purchase of a frozen pizza or frozen dinner, you are using close to twice as many resources to feed yourself than it takes your neighbor to cook at home.


When you buy fresh real ingredients, you have less packaging in the first place, and generate less waste to throw away. Consequently, you are helping to reduce pollution and saving our environment.

5) It’s impressive and fun

mS3t8QBhjMUFirst of all, cooking is a skill that helps you attract the opposite sex. The road to the man’s heart lies through his stomach. And how appealing it is to watch your man cooking a breakfast for you.

Cooking is also fun because it is a creative, purposeful and relaxing activity. When you learn all the basics and techniques, there will be no stopping you and cooking will become even more fun. You’ll love to repeat it again and again. Besides, there are many cool gadgets that make cooking even more pleasant and joyous.

6) Will help you in emergency situations

Learning how to cook by yourself gives you a lot more skills and new knowledge. It’s essential by a human nature to know how to find food for yourself and cook it. So what would you do if there were no restaurants or fast food? Of course you’d be forced to learn cooking.There might be a possibility that after starting to learn cooking you might discover new unknown talents in yourself so you can make some extra-cash on selling cupcakes for example, or let’s consider something more difficult – wedding cakes.


7) It is enriching your life

Cooking skills might be of great help if you want to make new friends and acquaintanceships. While building up a career it’s essential to make contacts with your colleagues and try to be in good warm relationships with them. As an example you could organize a home party offering home-made food. Fellows will appreciate your efforts and will get to know you from a new perspective – not a good colleague and a career maker only but as an all-skilled person.


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