7 Tips To Improve Your Body

Want to be attractive, but have no time? Want to be in pretty good shape, but too lazy for going in for sports? JiJi.ng represents advises, that will take 20 minutes of your day to be healthy and beautiful!

1. Drink enough water.
It sounds paradoxical, but your body often suffers from dehydration. Our brain can interpret body signal of dehydration, like signal of hunger – most of people drink only when eating. Dehydration often causes headache, digestive problems and many other negative effects.
Acquire a habit to drink a glass of water every 1,5-2 hour. Fresh clean water is very wholesome. It clears the body of chemical waste and toxins. If you drink enough water, your skin become smooth and elastic. Water is important for functioning of all our organs, especially brains and heart – drinking water lowers risk of cerebrovascular accident and heart attack.
Also, drinking water positive affect your body shape. Water doesn’t contain any calories, unlike to soda water (Coca-cola and so one). It doesn’t irritate our mucosa, thus there is no risk of gullet and stomach cancer development.

2. Life is movement.
If you have no possibility to visit gym, fitness or train at home, move in your everyday life. Get out of transport a few quarters earlier and go on foot to destination place. Prefere stairs before elevator. Walk instead surfing Internet. Dance when you are doing routine tasks. Make thorough cleaning every week, play with children outdoor games – there are a lot possibilities to lose calories.

3. Try to save your time.

If you have a lot homework – combine business with pleasure. Apply facial, hair masks when you are doing something is house. After all take a shower with scrub and handmade soap. If you cook something – apply squash fruits or vegetables on your face – natural compounds and acids will rejuvenate your skin. Don’t forget to develop your brain – when you doing some physical work – upload on your phone or mp3 audio lessons or audiobook. When you learn how to manage time, you will be able to find an hour only for you.

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4. Learn and do something new.
For example, learn to use both hands. Or start keeping a dog. Choose alternative way to work. Instead playing on the tablet, install useful apps on your gadget. Try  to choose the mobile phone that will go for your lifestyle.

5. Healthy meal.
If you have an extra weight, stint yourself in sweets and farinaceous meal. It doesn’t’ mean that you should exclude all delicacies from your diet. Healthy EatingJust eat one peace of cake instead a whole one. It will be perfect if you replace them by fruits and smoothie – they are also very tasty, but more healthy.
They contain vitamins, carotenoids and antioxidants – you body will be very grateful, you get rid of skin problems and become slim. Try to avoid junk food. Consume healthy food additives, proteins, nutrients.

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6. Don’t forget to clean yourself!
Take a shower before appearing bad smell. Always clean your teeth – and you will not have no need to visit stomatologist. Take everyday care of your skin, is your favourite perfume and odours shower gel and shampoo to make water procedures more relaxive and pleasant. Change you cloth in time. Smelly skirt never was attractive. To economize water and time, buy clothes washer.

7. Have a rest.
High quality rest helps you be full of energy. Instead of sitting before TV or computer screen, have an active rest. Sleep enough. Many mental problems arise from lack of sleep.
Besides, insomnia provokes overeating – our organism try to get energy from food, if you will not allow it to sleep. Buy a good bed, mattress and pillow.

Don’t push yourself to change your lifestyle in one moment – it is very stressful, but if you will follow those advices, you become on one step closer to healthy life-style.

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