7 Tips To Keep Your iPhone Safe

For the last 8+ years iPhone has been the most desirable device all over the world, making millions of users happier every day with its huge selection of useful features. Long battery life, exceptional quality, thousands of essential apps – all these characteristics are designed to make out lives easier. But, unfortunately, as the world’s most popular smartphone, iPhone is often targeted not only by burglars, but also by people who want to steal your personal information that you store on your phone. We will tell you the most effective ways to protect your iPhone’s safety.

Maximize your iPhone security!

1. Use Auto-lock

This seems like an obvious solution to increase your phone’s security, but a lot of people disable this function as soon as they buy a new iPhone. If you’re only starting to use an iPhone, make sure the Auto-lock function is turned on. In case you don’t know or don’t remember how to turn this function on, go to settings and tap on “General”. Then choose the Auto-lock option in the menu. Then the menu will let you set a time for Auto-lock. We recommend setting it to 5 minutes, but you can make your own choice. Additionally, make sure to make your Unlock function password-protected to ensure maximum safety.

2. Change your SIM PIN

Be careful – we’re not talking about your iPhone’s PIN (the password you type to unlock the phone)! Changing the SIM PIN is easy and requires only a few simple steps. First, go to settings, tap on “Phone” and scroll down until you see “SIM PIN”. Turn this feature on, enter a unique code, and you’re done! Once you change your SIM PIN, your SIM will not work with any other smartphone, which means your data remains safe.

3. Don’t use Wi-Fi with your secret data

Wi-Fi is great when you have to find something on the internet and you don’t have access to your computer. However, it’s best not to use Wi-Fi when you’re dealing with sensitive data. What does your secret data include? First of all, your financial information, your passwords, your personal files, photos, emails, and many other types of data. If you’re using public Wi-Fi, it’s very easy to hack the network and steal your data, so if you want your sensitive information to remain safe, make sure to use only the trusted Wi-Fi spots.

4. Stop using geo-location

Sure, geo-location is a great way to use local services, share your current location with friends, remember where you were a year or two ego, etc. But iPhone’s geo-location service is also able to tell everyone where you are without your permission, which can be used by criminals or authorities. If you want to stay anonymous and safe, turn off the geo-location by doing this: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy. Then, when any apps ask you if you want to give the app access to your current location, always remember to choose “Don’t allow”.

5. Regularly update your software

Most iPhones are set in a way that allows them to update their software automatically, as soon as the new update is available for download. Every update is full of useful features and tweaks for your operating system, which is why it’s crucial to regularly update your phone. Updating the iPhone’s software is a simple way to reduce the risk of infecting your device with exploits and malware, so we strongly advise you to let your iPhone update itself automatically.

6. Keep regular backups

Backing up your iPhone is one of the first skills you need to learn when you buy a new smartphone. Use your PC to store your information, and encrypt that information in order to achieve the maximum level of security. The great news is that you don’t need any additional software to do it: simply use your iTunes! Follow these east steps to encrypt your phone’s data:

  • Connect your device to your PC and wait until your iPhone shows up on iTunes
  • Find your iPhone’s name in the iTunes’ “Devices” section
  • Go to Preferences > Summary
  • Check the box near the “Encrypt iPhone backups” line
  • Press “Apply”, wait for your information to be saved, then unplug your iPhone


7. Turn off lock screen notifications

Even if you go through all of the steps mentioned above, your iPhone’s security will still suffer if your notifications are turned on. Just imagine how much information the criminals will be able to get even if they don’t know your password! Emails, financial data, text messages, calls, calendar notifications – there is so much of your personal data displayed on your iPhone’s screen! Eliminate the danger of strangers accessing your information by turning off this feature. Go to Settings > Passcode > “Allow access when locked”, and never worry about your phone’s security again with our 7 useful tips!

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