Probably, plenty of people have old, out-of-date computers that don’t work rapidly any more, but take a lot of place.

What to do with such a thing?

JiJi knows the answer!


1. Use it as a mediaplayer.

Each computer has an audio board, so you can link your device to audio system or just speakers. The thing is that you will be able to listen to music even in the bathroom (if you situate that all in there). Moreover, computer has enough memory space to serve as a storage of mp3 or wma music files.

2. Give it away.

If you don’t need it at all or you just don’t want to break your back with thinking how to use it in the future, you can give it to people or institutions that really need it. For instance, any school or kindergarden would feel blessed to receive such a gift. Be kind!


3. Sell it in parts.

When the computer model is too old, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely useless. Instead, some details are always needed, even for modern devices. Therefore, you can always sell your computer in parts. But if you feel like you don’t want to set yourself apart from your oldie, modernize it. Buy new details and let your friend prove it’s powerfulness!


4. Use external hard drive.

In the modern era people use disks rarely, but nevertheless, you can transform your inner hard drive into external one! Just put it off, buy some wires and be always ready to deal with disks if you need to!

5. Exploit it as a storage of files.

If your computer doesn’t take a lot of space, you can use it as a mini data base. You probably have some memorable photos, home videos and something like that. You’re unlikely to need it very often, but you can always have access to these memories with the help of your old technique.

6. Turn your fantasy on!

If you are a kind of creative person and you are capable of making incredible things of something common, we recommend you to try yourself in redecorating your old computer. For instance, some extraordinary people found out how to make an aquarium of an old Mac and called it maquarium.


7. Practise!

Have you ever dreamed to become an IT-specialist or even a scientist? Well, you can experiment on your old computer in order not to spoil new, expensive details. Look at the motherboard, learn how to distinquish it from other elements… it must be fascinating!

8. Only for gamers 🙂

If you are keen on computer games, you can try to play an ancient, retro computer games (like DOOM or Silent Hill). They won’t look so creepy on new devices, but if you feel the spirit of old time, you should definitely try to install them.

JiJi has just proved you that afterlife for computers exist!

Stay with us!