How to be more productive and keep up with all

Sometimes a task list seems endless to us. Just having taken a look at it we may feel work-worn. There are times when the question of how to be more productive and spend less time not working crazy hours nags us. Today we will try to give you an answer to this question.

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1. The task list is evil. Set up a schedule.

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The task list is useless on its own. It’s only your first step. You should make up for yourself a definite time-table. What for? It will help you plan the things you are able to do indeed. This will let you accomplish a task just right in time you’ll be able to do so the most effectively and not because it’s the number four in your list.

For as long as you don’t have a definite date and time in your list for each of the tasks, you are just mistaking the wish for the reality.

20071126-todo-listThe analysis proves that planning your spare time is also a very good idea. In this way you will improve the quality of your life. The life level of people who plan even their spare time is significantly higher, much higher than those who don’t use the tool of planning for their lives.

2. Assume you are intending to leave for home at 5:30 pm and then plan your tasks in a way to be able to accomplish them by that time.


The work will fill in all of the time you will give to it. Give it 24 hours, 7 days a week and it will consume all of those 168 hours.

You should establish borders if you want to strike a balance between work and private life. This will help you work better because the time restrictions will boost your efficiency.

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Don’t forget to secure yourself from working overtime. You should feel like you’re managing your schedule. The more you feel you are handling the situation the less stress you will experience.


3. Set up a plan for a week to come.

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I think you’ll agree that short-term plans are not cool. If you think about today only, you will never turn out to be ahead.

You want to write books, be involved in different events, do some scientific and research work and be a good parent at the same time? Then you need a definite scheme for a week.

People don’t like to look at long-term plans but forget how much they can benefit from them. You should know what you’re doing in every hour, every day, every week and every month of your life.

1395658539174Probably you think it’s enough just to think about the tasks to accomplish and it’s not necessary to write them down. But it’s not right at all.

If you write down your tasks plan more probably that you will follow it. You will have something material then not an ideal one which will remind you about your priorities. The best way is to electronically organize your daily agenda using modern practical electronic devices.

4. Complete fewer tasks but do it with all your passion.


For certain you think something like “I just have too many things to do. I will never handle them all for the assigned period of time.”

You should have fewer tasks than you have now. Remember that not all of them are of such great importance as they would like to seem. You say “yes” much often than you ought. Ask yourself , “What is of great importance for me indeed?” And after that put all of an unnecessary stuff away.

artworks-000041149905-mmzqli-originalYou feel like you don’t have time because it’s teared in small pieces of irritating tasks which exhaust your life.

So do less. But do this “less” with passion and delight.

5. Pay less attention to small tasks – focus on those being in higher priority.


At work we do all kinds of things. Little things like getting through emails, participating at unnecessary meetings, eavesdropping the office rumors don’t require you any special mental abilities. You don’t use your talents here. If you’re dealing with some very important activity it requires you some special skills and abilities. And this leads you to valuable results.

Those people who work on weekends and at nights feel like they do less than those finishing working at 5 pm. This happens because they work a lot but the significance of their tasks is small.

It is unlikely that someone has become a General Manager only because they responded to all emails or attended all the meetings they were invited to. Yes, scrupulousness is a good trait even when dealing with little tasks; it can save you from dismissal. But you’ll be able to advance only if you take tremendous tasks as your priority.


For now the words “schedule” and “plans” seem to you cold and odd and you don’t understand a specific benefit which they might bring to you. But as soon as you make them a part of your life you’ll see that you got a lot much time for family and friends. Besides, you’ll be doing things you’ll be proud of.

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