Brilliant Car Hacks: 9 Ways To Make Your Life Easier

Would like to spend less time on parking place search? Want to know how to air your oven-like car on hot days in seconds?  Ever suffered from lack of space or too much trash in your car?


1. Use your brain.

Literally. If you need to open your car but it is parked too far away, bring your car key close to your face and press “Unlock”. The system will use your brain liquid as a conductor and help you open your car immediately.


2. Take a picture.

Keep forgetting where you leave your car on the parking lot? You are so not alone. Simply take a picture of your parking place. Other than helping you find your car, it can be an excellent proof of where it was and how it looked like in case something happens while you are away.

33. Get iParkedHere app.

Obviously, iOS and Android team members are very well aware of the parking issue. Otherwise, why would they even bother coming up with something like iParkedHere? Once you turn off the engine touch “I parked here” button. The app will automatically map your parking place and set a stopwatch so you can see how long you were absent. Also, it will show you directions how to find your four-wheel friend on the parking lot once you are done shopping or watching a movie.

Screenshot_24. Buy a garbage can.

Tired of empty Coke cans, used napkins, and crumbs inside your vehicle? Buy yourself a small trash can to keep your car clean.


5. Air your car without a conditioner.

Scorching heat turns your vehicle into an oven? Use this trick. Roll down a passenger-side or driver-side window while and then open and shut any of the back doors 6-7 times. This way, the car will suck in fresh air through the window pushing heat outside through the back door.

6_6. Use your seat heater in various ways.

Pizza time? Simply put pizza boxes on a seat heater to keep your mouth treat all cheesy and juicy when you are ready to kill it.

7. Rubber band is your friend.

If you have no phone holder in your car use a rubber band to stick it to your control panel in seconds.


88. Remove stickers with warm water.

To keep your windscreen clean after stickers, place warm wet towel or a piece of a newspaper under the glass. Wait 10 minutes to easily remove the sticker.

9. Hang a net to your car ceiling.

To save space and keep paper towels, pillows, and other stuff at hand, hang a net to your car ceiling to make you trips comfortable in the most unexpected way.



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