Check Your Colour Blindness: Test

It is interesting but only one person out of four is able to tell apart the complete colour spectrum. The other people see only a perverted picture. Test yourself in order to define whether you distinguish colours well.


Do you know that about 75% of people cannot tell apart the whole colour spectrum?

Why it happens so? In fact, our ability to distinguish colours directly depends on the amount of conuses (photoreceptors) in our eye retina.

You can check how you tell apart the colours with the help of the following test. Just count the amount of colours and their shades you see on the picture (count the lines).


How many colours did you count?

  1. You counted less than 20 lines.It means you have two types of light-sensitive conuses. You like 25% of other people belong to the category which is used to call dichromat. By the way, dogs are dichromats too. Dichromacy (meaning “two” and chroma meaning “color”) is the state of having two types of functioning color receptors, calledcone cells, in the eyes. Organisms with dichromacy are called dichromats.
  2. You see from 20 to 32 different lines. In this case you are a trichromat. It means you have three different types of light-sensitive conuses and you are able to tell apart not only primary colours but also most of their shades. This category includes almost 50% of the planet population. Trichromacyor trichromaticism is the condition of possessing three independent channels for conveying colorinformation, derived from the three different cone. Organisms with trichromacy are called trichromats.3
  3. You counted from 32 to 39 lines. In this case you are a tetrachromat and are able to see a large colour spectrum. This ability is similar to the bees’ one which are also tetrachromats. Tetrachromacyis –  the condition of possessing four independent channels for conveyingcolor information, or possessing four types ofcone cells in the eye. Organisms with tetrachromacy are called tetrachromats.
  4. If you see more than 39 lines, I recommend you to test once more, because there are only 39 colours and their shades on the picture and you cannot see them all on your monitor.

The author of this publication saw 36 different lines, and how many lines can you see?


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