Coconut Oil – Powerful Tool For Your Beauty

Coconut oil100% natural beauty source. It seems, Mother Nature created it especially for beauty careIt is a completely, hypoallergenic, has no side effects and no contraindications for use.

The oil is suitable for all skin and hair types and does not clog pores. It contains vitamins A, C, E natural antioxidants, vitamins for beautiful hair and healthy skin, as well as hyaluronic acidmost powerful moisturizer. It has antibacterial properties and stimulates immune system.

Because of containing of saturated fatty acids, in the temperature below 25 C, coconut oil become coconut butter. It is a sign that you bought natural product of high quality.

So, how you can use this amazing product? represent several secret recipes from women all over the world.

Beautiful hair

Have you noticed that almost all Asian women have silk hair? Using different vegetable oil for hair and skin care become part of their culture. This practice spread all over the world.

A lot of beauty bloggers tell Interesting fact – coconut oil suit best for dark and curly african hair.

So, let’s start!
For quick noticeable effect is necessary to rub the oil into your scalp and distribute hair, cover with a towel and keep 0.5-2 hours. Then thoroughly rinse shampoo.

Coconut oil is easily washed away from the hair. After the mask hair becomes shiny and healthier, get a nice coconut flavor. Particularly noticeable results on dry colored hair. If you frequently use (1-3 times per week) coconut oil also helps to solve the problem of split ends – it nourishes, moisturizes and restores hair.

Another variant of hair mask – mix yolk and coconut oil 1:1
in volume enough to caver all hair and scalp. You can also add another wonderful product – honey. Hold the mask as long as you can – better whole night.

Also you can use coconut oil for styling!
Take a drop of oil on your fingers and apply it on hair ends. This will create accurate glossy curls and strengthen them.

Also coconut oil protects your hair from UF damage, dandruff and dermatological problems. It stimulates blood circulation and hair grow faster.
You can also make sprinkler for hair – mix coconut oil with your favorite product 1:2, add some essences you like.

Perfect skin and nails

Coconut oil is an effective moisturizer. There are a lot of information about positive effect of coconut oil in treatment of different dermatological problems.
Everyday using of this oil protect skin from withering, wrinkles, makes it smooth and clean.
If you have some comedones or akne – coconut oil is your best friend!
Apply it twice a day – morning and evening on clean skin after shower. And not only on face – it is perfect body lotion.

Coconut oil instantly absorbed, making the skin soft, smooth and velvety. It moisturizes and smoothes fine lines. Try to rub oil into the chest area – the result will be pleasantly surprised.
Use coconut oil instead of cream for hands – hard to find a more effective cosmetics hand at such a low price. It is useful to rub coconut oil not only in the skin, but also applied to the nails and cuticles around the nails – nails will become stronger and will grow faster.
It is useful to take coconut oil in a bath. Rub the body with oil as a lotion, the skin becomes soft and velvety.
Coconut oil is ideal for skin of the feet. For greater effect, put oil on good foot before going to sleep, massage 10-15 minutes, then put on socks and go to bed. In the morning the skin on the feet will be like a child’s.

Coconut oil speeds up the healing processes. Applying coconut oil to your body in the shower or during massage has anti-stress effect. And it smells like divine.

Hardy health

Also you can use coconut oil for cooking!

It improves digestion, prevents irritable bowel syndrome, improves immune system. It enhances absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. But be careful – excessive intake for a long period can cause cardiovascular disease.

The perfect way – to add small amount – 1-2 spoonful of coconut oil into salad or dessert to get positive effect.

Coconut oil increases metabolism, prevent liver, kidney and gall bladder diseases, osteoporosis.

With its ability to increase insulin production and control blood sugar, coconut oil helps prevent and treat diabetes. It is often used in obesity treatment.

Also fatty acids of coconut oil have antiviral and antimicrobial features.


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Stay healthy and beautiful with!

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