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Games Impossible To Play Without Earphones

The world around us is full with sounds. People’s voices, the rustle of leaves, the hum of machines – all of this is a part of our lives. We fenced off from the outside world via headphones with our favorite music, we make a choice between different noises, but only few people choose the absence of sounds – no wonder because the torture by silence were used even in ancient Rome. Same holds true for games. In many projects, the music is an integral part of the atmosphere, and sometimes even the gameplay. And some games are completely impossible without a sound. So we made a list of such games.



Ingress – it’s a global multiple-geo-location project from Google. Inspires, isn’t it? The purpose of Ingress is to force players to believe in the reality of the struggle between gaming factions. And for this reason the local computer voices and special effects are made the most atmospheric. No wonder even forget that it’s just a smartphone with a game in your hands, and not a real secret transmitter.


Dark Echo

When you are surrounded by total darkness, all you have is to rely solely on the sound. This is the only one thing that will be your guide and counselor in the Dark Echo. However, you don’t need audio 5.1 for a comfortable game, because in the Dark Echo sound literally visualized.


Supergiant Games

Both games Supergiant Games (Bastion, and Transistor) have an enormous number of awards. Much credit for this belongs to the soundtrack. Its author is a terrific singer and composer Darren Korb. By the way, in these songs sound all kinds of plot details of both games.




Monument Valley

In a wonderful Monument Valley you won’t hear any songs, but it will be a real crime not to listen to music that accompanies the journey of silent princess. The work of the composer and sound designer Stafford Bowler also not gone unnoticed – among five BAFTA nominations there was a place for category of artistic achievements.


Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

And one more adventure that doesn’t exist apart from music is a Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery. This stylish fantasy action is accompanied by the music of Jim Guthrie. By the way, the music in this game is so good that it was even released as an album on vinyl. This is called a real recognition.


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

In the Final Fantasy series a lot of things happened for their long history. There was also a place for musical play, especially because a whole generation of gamers increased by melodies of “Final Fantasy.”


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