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Fashion does not dictate the rules for those who are confident. Fashion does not put words in the mouths of those who are free from complexes. Fashion is always favorable to those who are not afraid to express themselves. Fashion is being born within you!

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Nigerians honor their traditions. Probably this is the reason why even in modern Nigerian fashion we often notice life-affirming bright motifs – colorful and variegated. These outfits are unique because they were made by talented Nigerian designers, who transform their fantasies in amazing stuff.

According to experts and influential figures of fashion world, African designers are “the next big thing”. Stuff created by these fashion gurus has a great success in the world fashion and continues to conquer the hearts of hundreds of European fashion lovers.

Duro Olowu. Traditions weaved in silk

DuroOlowu MAIN

Is there someone on earth who haven`t admired bright dresses with national African nuances created by Duro Olowu?!
Duro Olowu Models

Duro Olowu

Duro Olowu clothes are original alliance of European convenience and traditional African color.

Olowu virtuously uses different color shades and patterns to create prints in modern style. Brand clothing perfectly coexists with the rest clothes in a modern woman’s wardrobe and completely fall under the definition of “European convenience”.

Duro Olowu himself

Olowu`s vision and his “Afro-chic” is valued by many celebrities, such as Michelle Obama, Uma Thurman, Linda Evangelista and others.

Duro Olowu, Spring-Summer colletion 2015

A model poses at the Duro Olowu Fall 2011 presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Milk Studios on February 13, 2011 in New York City.

Duro Olowu 1

Duro Olowu 9

Duro Olowu 8


Duro Olowu 6

Duro Olowu 5

Duro Olowu 4

Duro Olowu 3

Duro Olowu 2

Bridget Awosika. Black perfection
Bridget Awosika 6

Since her first experiments, Bridget decided not to focus on African prints and patterns. She sent all her forces to create progressive youth trendy clothes. Awosika is one of the first international brands represented by young Nigerian designers.


Awosika focuses on modern Nigerian woman, who feels herself a part of progressive world and behaves accordingly. She doesn`t need to raise her self-esteem – because she knows what she is worth for.

And this philosophy is read between the lines literally in every item of designer`s collections.

Bridget Awosika, Spring-Summer colletion 2015

Bridget-Awosika 3

Bridget-Awosika 2

Awosika proved that young Nigerian designers can do no worse, and in many respects even better than their European colleagues. Airy silhouettes, asymmetrical cuts, deliberate rigor of color, which is compensated by original geometry, – all this is the freedom of soul of a young Nigerian designer. Bridget-Awosika 1


Bridget-Awosika 9

Bridget-Awosika 7

Bridget-Awosika 5

Frank Osodi: the pathfinder


Osodi began his relationship with modeling from the bottom – he worked as a model when this profession didn’t really exist in Nigeria! He did that to earn some money on studying. But glamour and radiance of model world have caught Frank in dreamland once and for all. Today Osodi is a real icon of model world in Nigeria.

Frank Osodi 5

He will be forever remembered as the creator of dress for Agbani Darego for her coronation at Miss World in November 2001. After that, he continually created masterpieces for the most influential and popular people in Nigeria.


Frank always feels the expectations of young people and broadens the vision of his fans by creating legendary collections that combine fashion and everyday life.

Frank Osodi Spring-Summer collection 2015

Frank Osodi 6
Frank Osodi 4


Frank Osodi 10

Frank Osodi 9

Frank Osodi 8

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi: images born of color and form
Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi 1

Woman in Lanre Da Silva Ajayi world is a central figure of the Universe, the standard of femininity, beauty, courage, wisdom and delicacy, able to inspire and to be adored.Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi des 1

Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi des 3

Thousands of Nigerian girls and girls around the world are devoted fans of LDA evening dresses and fashionable things in casual style. The brand has achieved unprecedented popularity far beyond the borders of Nigeria. In 2012 year Roberto Cavalli and Frank Sozanni even visited LDA boutique in Lagos to personally meet talented designer.lda des 2

Collection of LDA is the quintessence of brilliant and accessible ideas embodied in prêt-à-porte, evening dresses and cocktail dresses, accessories and author’s jewelry.

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Spring-Summer Collection 2015

Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi 2

Lanre-Da-Silva 4

Lanre-Da-Silva 5

Lanre-Da-Silva 6?

Lanre-Da-Silva 7

Lanre-Da-Silva 8

Lanre-Da-Silva 3

Lisa Folawiyo: experiments with classics


Lisa des 2

Masterpiece outfits of Lisa Folawiyo have already charmed many fashionistas of all four fashion capitals of the world – Paris, London, Milan and New York – and continue to “capture” stylish people.

Lisa Folawiyo focused on Ankara textile and traditional for South Africa fabrics, which were very popular in Nigeria for centuries. But the young designer shows traditions in a modern manner; her clothes have many crystals, beads and sequins and are made by hand.


In her latest collections we can see curious and unusual ideas of dyeing, principle of multiply layers and unexpected forms.

Lisa Folawiyo, Spring-Summer collection 2015

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 06: A model walks the runway during the Lisa Folawiyo Presentation at Laduree Soho on September 6, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

lisa 2

lisa 4

lisa 7

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 06: Models pose backstage during the Lisa Folawiyo Presentation at Laduree Soho on September 6, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

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