How To Avoid Being Tricked By Tour Operators

The best way to spend your holiday and to enjoy the long-awaited vacation is to book tours on – this way you will save your money and get a guarantee that you are not being tricked!

Despite the fact that Nigeria has many attractive places to visit, many people prefer to spend their holidays abroad. Today, many tour operators offer favorable conditions for rest. But you should be extremely careful in order to avoid pitfalls in the process of cooperation with tour operators. And there are plenty of them!

The legal aspect of the issue

So, you have made all necessary preparations for the trip – what is next?

Firstly, find the information about the tour operator you have chosen! The company must be officially registered. Only in this case, you can count on compensation.

Agency, you apply to, should have a direct contract with tour operator. Otherwise nobody will protect you from buying a «phony». Note: the scammer can easily sell you a fake hotel voucher or a fake electronic ticket.

In addition, even major tour operators can cheat: they can sell you a ticket to a hotel that doesn`t exist or leave you on your own without a transfer in unfamiliar city.

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Carefully study terms and conditions of flight… Twice! Popular «charters with stops» mean that you fly to your destination through another city:

«I once flew to Hugardy landing in Sharm el-Sheikh. It noticeably affected the flight time!»

Abayomi, Lagos

Abayomi, Lagos

Specify the conditions of carriage of luggage: at the airport you might discover that free transportation of luggage includes only 10 kg, and for the rest of it you will have to pay.


«I once witnessed a curious situation: Russian tourists who had bought a ticket in low cost airline company «Wizz air» had to pay a large sum for the transport of luggage. Airline ticket price included only a small carry-on luggage!»

Adisa, Ilorin

Adisa, Ilorin

Another point you may not pay attention to is transfer to your hotel. Yes, usually there are special buses that take tourists to their hotels. But it is better to check. This is especially true for the Maldives: small planes fly among the islands, but sometimes you have to wait for them long hours.

Arithmetic of your vacation

When you are planning vacation, don`t forget to note the number of days that you expect to spend at the resort. Tour operator counts the number of nights. But you surely want to sunbathe and have fun rather than sleep!


Such confusion can shorten your vacation by two days! Therefore, specify the time of arrival and the time of return flight.


This is especially true for short trips:

«I once went to Cyprus for the holidays – flight was delayed, then there was a trouble with transfer. As a result, instead of arrival to hotel at 8 pm we entered it at 6 am! On the day of departure, we learned that the bus arrives 6 hours before the flight. As a result the four-day holiday turned into two days. Although there were 4 nights! Well, to be precise- 3, – we were compensated for the one we spent at the airport».

Nosakhere, Zaria

Nosakhere, Zaria


If instead of the name of hotel you have the words «Fortune» or «Roulette» – you will know what hotel you will stay in only upon arrival. Usually, such tour packages are cheaper, and your only guarantee is the star rating of the hotel. It is worth remembering that hotels of one rate offer different service level.

Even if you studied the information about the hotel and examined the real reviews – it is not a guarantee that it will be the same as in photo. And it’s not that it is Photoshop: there are tens of hotels located on the shore, and if you see beautiful Marina Resort Beach on the website, and have Marina Resort in your voucher, the rooms and the service in these two hotels can differ!

Informational bonus

As you can see, planning a trip can take lots of your time. But in order to save money, remember these simple rules::

  • Early booking guarantees that you overpay! Right after the holidays, tour operators offer promotions on «early booking». Tours with discounts of up to 50% before the holidays are often more expensive than the normal ones.

    «In February we paid for three tour packages to Croatia 2700 euros for 12 nights, the trip was planned for July. But on vacation, we met the family from London and found out that in May they paid for the same trips 450 euros less!»

Adanya, Benin

Adanya, Benin

  • Last minute tours are often more expensive than normal ones. Usually, the week before the holidays there remain only expensive tours, and many tour operators offer them as «last minute tours», although the price is higher than a month before that! And remember: the 5-star hotels are never offered in such tours.

Naira Nigerian Money

  • Tours and excursions in hotel are much more expensive. The excursions in bureaus outside the hotel are often 1.5-2 times cheaper. The most common argument of tour operator: «When you order excursion somewhere else, your insurance won`t work». But that is not true!

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  • Insurance: don`t buy a package. When you buy a tour on an all-inclusive basis, medical insurance is (most likely) included in the tour price.people 6

Rid yourself of unnecessary problems, go to vacation with, stay cool!

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