How To Beat Sleepy Apathy In The Morning?

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How to overcome in apathy sleepy morning and immediately engage in reality? Just 10 minutes of simple and pleasant exercise and you get the courage.


If you are like a zombie in the morning and can’t come to your senses for a long time, this tips save your morning mood and give you short practical guide how to behave first 10-15 minutes in the mornings. So, after doing this advise cheerful morning is provided for you.

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1.Mandatory stretches

Wake-up call at 6.00 pleases very few people, and there is temptation to lie down for a couple of minutes. But this is the greatest danger to sleep for a few hours and to oversleep everything.


This doesn’t mean that we should at the first onset jump out of bed after the alarm clock. As soon as you hear a beep to wake up, stretch the entire body – stretch your arms and toes.Then start massaging pads of fingers. Do this 2-3 times on all fingers.

Because a lot of nerves endings are concentrated in the fingers, their stimulation gives the body a wake-up call.

The other technic – yawning. Yes, we seriously!

Yawning helps you to saturate the blood with oxygen and force the sleepy brain to cheer. If you don’t want to yawn, just imagine a person who does it with a distinctive look and sound, or you can open your mouth wider, imitating yawning. 60% of people quickly “are infected” with yawn, so you are likely to succeed.


It’s very interesting thing that some Japanese companies even arrange its employees “minutes of yawning” with the image of yawning people on the monitor, and allow to employees collectively yawn, filling their brain with oxygen and then labor productivity.

2. Load wakening

In order not to give yourself back to the “kingdom of Morpheus” it is necessary to create a pleasant and loud background sound. If your TV has a timer on, put it on the wake-up time. Let it turns to a strong volume to your favorite music channel.


Such method is doubly good – it will not give sleep to you and cheer up with incendiary music. If there is no timer, put the console near the pillow in the morning and turn on the TV yourself.

3. Alarm on distance

If you prefer a mobile alarm, then set on it loud, but pleasant melody. And psychologists advise to change music once every two weeks, because your brain gets used to the sound and begins to react negatively.

Tired woman covering her ears with a duvet while looking at her

Put your phone away from your bed, then you have to get up to turn it off.

4. One minute of exercise

If you agree to do a longer charge – please, do, it will be only better. But if you don’t have time or absolutely no desire to engage in the morning, make a small charge: 15 seconds squats and push-ups, 15 jumps and gentle stretching. Exercise dramatically increases heart rate, blood is dispersed, so you feel much more energetic. Even the most unsportsmanlike person can bring himself to work out at 1 minute.


Research scientists from the University of Utah have shown that intense exercise for a minute during the day almost meet the recommended health 10-minute moderate exercise.

Happy couple running in park

So, your one-minute morning practice will be no less useful, and certainly helps you wake up. And later, during the day, you can catch up on the rest of 10-20 minutes of exercise, such as climbing a 10 floor on foot, speed up work, or riding a bike at night.

5. Contrasting procedures

If you’ve already got out of bed, but drowsy doesn’t leave you, you must overcome it. The best remedy will be familiar to all douches.

Be under water and for 5 minutes alternate warm and cool water. Finish the procedure with cool water. This procedure is useful not only to vessels and body as a whole, but also for the skin.

Contrasting douche helps the skin to remain in good shape, making it smooth and soft

Also, to wake up and to take care of the beauty of the face helps a piece of ice. If you do it every day, your skin is supple and radiant. Even more useful would be to wipe the face of frozen decoction of herbs.

6. A glass of water

Drink a glass of plain warm water before your breakfast. Water helps to start the process of digestion, wakes up your stomach, so that by the time you sit down to breakfast, the body will be ready to receive food and appetite appears (it’s actual for people-owls).


7. Aromas of cheerfulness

After all procedures to complete the awakening helps breakfasts.

Breakfast with coffee, rolls, egg, orange juice, muesli and chee

So, don’t deny yourself a cup of freshly ground coffee, which excites the nervous system and gives you a charge of vivacity.

You can also drink a glass of orange juice. With it kitchen will be filled with citrus flavor, which not only will prompt you, but also give a positive attitude for the day.

And remember that the pledge of waking – strong and healthy sleep, maybe, it sounds banal. Go to bed on time, ventilate the room before going to bed, try to do exercises – and every morning will be for you an easy and joyful!

Use for all your day – buy, sell, enjoy!