How To Choose The Safest Seats In Transport

So, you have chosen a tour, booked the tickets and packed your things. Nothing is forgotten? You forgot the most important thing – to learn the basic rules of safety in transport! gives useful tips, that may even save your life!


Modern transport has unprecedented level of comfort: convenient folding seats with integrated media centers, Wi-Fi, new generation microclimate systems. The atmosphere is made for relaxation – and just a small number of passengers think about safety during the trip.

After reviewing data provided by the National Transportation Safety Board of the United States and data obtained from studies supported by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, we have compiled a list of the most secure seats in different types of transport.

Long-distance buses

Here, as well as in mini buses, the most secure places are the ones in the middle of the cabin. It is better to seat in rows, which are opposite to oncoming traffic. Also, in case of an accident, it is the easiest way to reach the exit from these seats.


The best places are the third and the fourth rows behind the front wheel arch. Bus


People minibus 1

Mini-buses are quite popular for short-distance journeys. Their design has led to certain rules of choosing the safe places:

  • the best places in mini bus are in the middle of the cabin – especially in case of a front crash. The right rows are the safest in the case of left collision, the left ones – in the case of right collision;
  • the place should be near the window, in order to avoid injury from glass in the case of an accident;
  • it is better to choose the seats, located back to driver. Then in the case of a head-on collision, you won`t be “thrown out” of the chair, you will be just squeezed to its back;
  • also, the best seats are those, which are located right behind the driver – in the case of an accident, he instinctively tries to save himself, and you reduce the risk of injury to yourself.

People minibus 2 People minibus 3 People minibus 5


It’s interesting that the most awkward place in the middle of the back seat is the safest for passengers according to researchers from the University of Buffalo (United States). This is true for front and side collisions. For rear collisions the statement is true only in cases when the rear part of the car is protected by strong, massive body (a pickup truck or SUV).


However, there is another opinion on the matter. If you decided to purchase a modern car, passengers on the front seat shouldn`t worry – most of these cars are equipped with reliable airbags and innovative systems of monitoring of vehicle`s movement – in recent years, developers pay special attention to this place. CAR


According to the magazine “Popular Mechanics” the best chances to get out in time in case of a crash have those, who are sitting on one of the five rows of seats near the emergency exit. It is better to choose a place closer to a passage.

Air People 3

Air People

Experts have different opinions about the question of what is the safest part of the liner. According to statistics of accidents, the safest seats are those at the rear part of the plane, and the most dangerous are in the front part.

Airplane 2 Airplane Airplane4

The middle part of the cabin, on the wing level, is also not as dangerous as the front one: the passengers survive in 65% of cases. Moreover, the passengers on these seats are close to emergency exits, which is important in case of fire on board. On the other hand, the fuel is usually located near the wing, and it can inflame in case of an accident.

Air People 4

The safety of left and right sides are equal, since the probability of lateral pitch of the plane to one side or another when landing is almost identical.


In case of a head-on collision, the chances that the locomotive and the first wagon will crash are very high. In case of a rear collision the rear wagon is at the most risk.

Train People 1

Therefore, try to avoid seats in the front and in rear wagons – the closer you are to the center of the train, the better. When you choose a coupe, it is also better to choose the one in the middle of the wagon.

Train People 3

Try to take a ticket on the shelf closer to the front. Then, in case of frontal collision you won`t fall from the shelf.

Hopefully these tips will help you in dangerous situations. Travel safely with!


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