How To Choose Your Perfect Black Dress


Fashion experts say, if you visit more than 1 party per month you should have a black dress somewhere in your wardrobe. And while this sexy universal outfit will make you shine out at a wedding party or on a date, let’s look through basic rules of how to choose your perfect black dress.

body_shapes1. If you have a pear body shape where your hips are more distinct than your shoulders, go for swing dresses or those with printed top that will highlight your shoulders. This will balance your lines and add femininity to your look.

When choosing accessories, try to wear them on the upper part of your body. Medium-sized earings and necklace as well as a scarf will add a nice touch to your outfit.

JiJi has picked up black dresses for your pear body shape to make you shine like a diamond and attract looks.

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body_shapes - ?????2. If you have a sporty body shape where your hips and shoulders are of the same width while your waist isn’t clearly marked, light flowing black dress would be your choice. Pick the one that accentuates your shoulders and hips to create smooth seductive image.

To get even more compliments, pay attention to accessories that highlight your upper and lower part (e.g. bead necklace, delicate belts).

JiJi has carefully selected black dresses for your sporty body shape to make you feel attractive and juicy wherever you show up.

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body_shapes - ????? (3)3. If you have an inverted triangle body shape where your shoulders are slightly wider than your hips, opt for black dresses with V-shape neckline and focus on your hips. The top of your dress should have an open collar or be in wrap-style.

When you are all ready and set, add extra points to your dress by choosing accessories such as V-shape necklace and hanging earings.

Most of JiJi girls’ team has an inverted triangle body shape. So, be sure that the images of black dresses below has a lot of expertise behind them to give you the most tempting look at the party.

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4. If you wish your legs were a little bit longer, knee and heel length black dresses will do the trick. They will make your legs look longer especially if combined with high-heel shoes.

Ladies working for JiJi attend plenty of public events every month. They are happy to share a few black dress ideas to visually increase your height.

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