How To Diversify The Office Dress Code

Requirements for the appearance of the office staff are becoming more loyal. There are not many spheres of business that enforce dress code. More and more companies are switching to smart casual. But it does not matter in what style you dress to work – strict, democratic or creative – you still have to play by the rules. And the experts of will tell you what those rules are and how to avoid them.

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Business dress code

Banking, financial, administrative and municipal spheres are strict in the requirements for the clothes of its employees. It’s quite difficult to show individuality in business look. But there is a solution!

For women

The first rule of business dress code for women: only natural makeup, restrained styling, fresh manicure (no bright colors).


Refill your wardrobe with muted colors suits. It is also permitted classic monophonic dresses below the knee length, complete with jacket, picked up the tone. You should also choose closed shoes on a low heel.

The woman, dressed according to the rules of business dress code, must wear thin nylon stockings or tights even in the hottest summer days.


So how can you demonstrate individuality, while keeping the whole set of this strict rules? The answer is simple: accessories will help us.

Emphasize the waist with thin strap of mint, coffee or coral shades with unusual buckle. Decorate your handle classic handbag made of soft leather using scarf with the original print. Put on your left wrist (next to the clock thin chain bracelet) – it’s one of the rare fashion-techniques, which is permissible in the business dress code. Choose stud earrings with the small colorful stones, pearls or unusual patterns.


These tricks operate gently, quietly, but for sure. It’s enough to add to the classic image only one unique element – and you will constantly get more and more attention from colleagues and clients.

For men

The basis of the male wardrobe is a classic business suit made of wool. You can start “personalizing” your costume with the selection of the correct shade. Sandy and beige tones signal about ease and openness in communication, gray and terracotta – about the seriousness and responsibility, mustard tones – about non-standard approach to decision-making. And dark blue color fits absolutely to every man. A black suit you can wear only on special occasions.

Shirts Color: white, light pink, light blue, but it’s also allowed small experiments. The main thing is that jacket, shirt and tie must harmoniously combine with each other. It is perfectly possible to choose blue, beige, light gray or even a shirt with a pattern (if the suit and tie will be monophonic).

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Always select the shirt with only long sleeves. In the summer, when you want to take off the jacket, you can carelessly roll up your unfastened sleeves. It will be a sort of nonconformism in the business style.

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Another fashionable task in which you can behave unconventionally is choosing the right tie. The classic version is: the tie must be darker then the shirt, but lighter then the suit. Experimental option: the tie can be the same color as the shirt, but decorated with contrasting geometric pattern.


For any classic suit will approach black, chocolate or brown colored derby shoes (classic shoes with an open lacing) or oxfords (classic shoes with closed lacing). You can also wear only monochrome socks, which suits to the color of shoes or trousers.

And finally, classical elements which demonstrate the taste and personality are watch, belt and cufflinks. That is why, you should choose them very carefully.

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