Today home library – is not only a place where you store numerous books, but also a relaxation room, and sometimes even office.

Taking all this into consideration, the main task of planning the room becomes organizing the collection of books in a way that you will be able to find any of them easy, and reading will be as comfortable as possible.


So how you can achieve this?

You can use a few design tricks in the selection process for the design of the library that allows you to accommodate books in rational and beautiful way.

First of all, modular furniture can help you in this. Each of the compartments of such cabinet-shelf can be varied in height and size. The interior bookcases, which are placed near the TV or modern bio-fireplace, will also look good. If in the room are available niches, you may use them as shelves for books.

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To save space, another original and modern technique – bookshelves placed around the couch in the living room or doorway is quite often used.

If you are living in the studio apartment, bookshelves can further act as a septum, dividing the space into several zones. This looks easy, and the home library is always beside you.

If there is a little more space in the house, the home library can be combined with an office or living room. The interior of the room will turn out very interesting if you use proper zoning.


Before you begin the arrangement of this part of the apartment, it is advisable to determine the goals and plans, to realize what should be the final option. Explore samples of already embodied ideas in the Internet. Photo archives of the best home based libraries are represented at various sites and blogs of interior design.

In the design of book collections often adhere to styles of Spanish and Victorian architecture, as well as the Renaissance. And don’t forget to experiment with the details.

Use the maximum of all available space of the library. It must be organized in such a way, that it will fully meet your needs.

If you are planning in the future to complete your collection of books, you should acquire higher shelves. The library will immediately gat solid appearance and the area will be used more efficiently.


The ideal solution for classic interiors –is bookshelves with dark wood. They can be used to fill the empty walls of the room, to zone the space or, conversely, to combine it.

For interiors in the “modern” style you should give preference to the furniture, which is different from the traditional classics by its colors.


In libraries you can often see a combination of white walls and black racks with white statues and spot lighting. In order to make the interior not so graphically, you can use multicolored covers of books as peculiar color accents.

For rooms with dark brown furniture you should choose dark green shelves. Light ceiling and light coating of parquet floor can serve as the perfect complement, so you can focus on modernity and give the interior a noble look.


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