How to fight hypertension effectively

In this article we have collected the most effective methods to fight hypertension that do not require large financial costs. Forewarned – forearmed. Stay healthy with JiJi!


The research of World Health Organization shows sad statistics: 50 millions of Nigerians suffer from hypertension – and about 70% of those who need medication, cannot afford it!

Hypertension in Nigeria

World Health Organization gives information that 46% Nigerians in the age of 25+ suffer from hypertension. Moreover, hypertension in Nigeria is the cause of death in 45%.

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“Our company considers an opportunity to make these medications free.”

 Emmanuel Ekunno,

Managing Director of «Neimeth International Pharmaceutical»

Emmanuel Okuno

National and local health care institutions in Nigeria organize regular checks of blood pressure. Most people don`t even know about the necessity to be aware of their health.

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“We hope that thanks to checks self-awareness of adults will increase; and health care institutions will make these checks affordable for everybody.”

 Shanthi Mendis, medical expert of WHO

“The problem of spreading of hypertension is partly explained by changes in lifestyle, ecological and social factors.

Also, increased consumption of salt and fats as a result of using processed food, smoking and sedentary life-style, add serious problems. More and more Nigerians go to work by car and almost don`t move during the work.”

Obinna Ekwunife,

Lecturer of Nigerian University in Nsukka

Obinna Ekwunife

Nonpharmacological methods of fighting hypertension

Each rational man knows that the biggest part of medications fight a symptom, but do not cure the reason of disease. And hypertension medications are not an exception! But there are many natural methods that can not only fight hypertension, but also prevent it.

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One of the most simple and effective ways to reduce blood pressure is to take a healthy diet – for example, a diet called DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension).


A sound mind in a sound body! Great Osho said –“If you love your body, it will change, because when a man loves his body, he takes care of it and taking care means everything”.

Physicians recommend eating:


  • Fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy;
  • Wholegrain products, white meat, fish and nuts;
  • Products with high containing of magnesium (wheat bran, cacao, soya beans, almonds, rice, spinach, eggs), potassium (dried apricots, beans, peas, prunes, raisins, almonds, hazelnuts, lentils, peanuts, pine nuts, mustard, potatoes, walnuts) and calcium (cheese, yogurt, sour cream, nuts, seeds, wheat, soya beans, parsley).


  • Products with saturated fat;
  • Spicy, salty, bloated products, canned goods;
  • Products high in caffeine – coffee, strong tea;
  • Red meat and candies;
  • It is recommended to reduce consumption of salt to 3-5 grams a day.

hyper diet

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Physical activities

Physical activities is another simple method of fighting hypertension that doesn`t require financial expenses! Simple but regular (30-60 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week) exercise such as jogging or walking will help you reduce arterial blood pressure. If this type of exercise is not for you, buy inexpensive and modern trainer or bicycle!


Researches made by Association of Independent Healthcare Organizations (UK) have shown that the right approach to active lifestyle and a good diet helps normalize arterial blood pressure – not worse than medications. But, unlike latter, these methods will help you to get rid of hypertension forever! running


American Heart Association considers aerobics as an effective method of fighting hypertension. Physicians proved it by showing results of their research. These results are published in “Hypertension.


Exercise & Fitness Tips : How Does Aerobic Exercise Affect Blood Pressure

Exercise & Fitness Tips : How Does Aerobic Exercise Affect Blood Pressure?

Aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease blood pressure for those who do aerobic exercises regularly. Discover ways to decrease blood pressure in a diet with help from a strength and conditioning specialist in this free video on exercise and fitness tips.

The main aerobics types are:

  • Jazz-aerobics;
  • Classical aerobics,stretching;
  • Step-aerobics;
  • Tae bo and KiBo.

You will need only three things: a wish, some music and convenient shoes!

Aerobic Exercise to Control Blood Pressure

Aerobic Exercise to Control Blood Pressure : Exercise and Fitness Tips

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Breathing techniques and stress control

When you are in stress, your blood pressure rises. Did you know that a person who suffers from hypertension is more prone to hypertension? And stress, by the way, not only increases blood pressure, but can also be the cause of depression, hysterics, burnout syndrome.

But don`t rush to buy medications: ancient practices of breathing control have a very good impact on your blood pressure. Eight weeks of daily practicing for just 15 minutes a day will help you fight hypertension and recreate your body – in all aspects – you will achieve peacefulness, and learn to keep calm in irritating situations. By the way, this technique is almost as effective as aerobics.


In complex hypertension treatment you can use method of rhythmical pressing on particular zones that gives elasticity to muscles and, as a result, elasticity to vessels.

Acupressure to Lower High Blood Pressure

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Acupressure Techniques : Acupressure to Lower High Blood Pressure

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Correct your diet. Move more. Stop worrying and start enjoying your life. Maintain your health with JiJi!



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