Well, you’ve tried a lot of means to find the only one you love, but all of them failed?

Don’t get desperate and upset!

Today JiJi is going to tell you some simple secrets you haven’t thought about.


1. Love yourself first!

The thing is that a lot of girls and women trying to find somebody to love, just don’t love themselves (they criticise and feel a kind of disgust for themselves). And question is: how are you going to meet someone who will love you, if you don’t love yourself? By self-hatred you make yourself feel (and sometimes think) that you don’t deserve love. Remember: everybody deserves mutual love! But firstly: learn to appreciate yourself.


It means that you have to find out the traits of your appearance and character you like. You can also use these tips to follow. And don’t forget about embracing your drawbacks – yes, they are the part of you and you should love them too. They constitute your personality, and you are the miracle 🙂

2. Be yourself! Be real!

Probably, everyone of use at least once tried to pretend to be someone else: less shy, more brutal and so on. The thing is true beauty and happiness is being yourself. You know, it demands a kind of confidence and courage to be yourself. Be proud to be who you are! You adore reading books and drinking green tea? That’s great! You are an outgoing person, who can’t imagine your life without cafes and night clubs? Awesome!

Appreciate your hobbies and interests! Believe us – a person who is engaged in things he/she likes is the most interesting and attractive!


You can read here more about pretending and its weak points.

3. Feel gratitute and love for all you have.

Sometimes people tend to neglect the things they have – we are always looking for something more. But stop where you are and think of all the things nature, family and friends have given to you. Feel this enormous wave of gratitute and pleasure in your body. Some people don’t have all you’ve got, so be pleased.


4. Relax and live your life to the fullest!

We’ve told you that a person who feels pleasure living his/her life is the most eye-catching. So become such type of person! Don’t reject your hobbies, evolve yourself and appreciate your friends and family. Let your life be full of sense! If you feel discomfort about some situations or things, try to overcome it: solve the problems, say goodbye to unpleasant people, resign from horrible work… Live for yourself. With pleasure.


5. Become a girl of a dream!

If you are looking for a worthy man, you should correspond his and your personal expectations. Pay a lot of attention to self-development. For instance, by discovering a fascinating novelty you may become an interesting interlocutor.

Successful people change themselves, the rest is modified by the life.

Also never forget about the manners, modesty and socially acceptable behaviour. It’s highly valuable.

6. Understand yourself: what kind of guy do you need?

Analyze your needs. And think of the qualities you would like to see in your potential partner. What moral values does he have? You can even make a list of some qualities (for instance, 10). Answer the questions: what kind of relationships do you want? How much time will you be able to spend together? And so on.


7. Forget about perfection!

If you’ve just met a guy who seems cute, but he doesn’t have all of the traits you like, don’t reject him at once. He may possess something more than you have ever dreamed! Be patient and tolerant. Nobody’s perfect. And you too. So it will be great if both of you embrace the imperfections of each other and live happily together 🙂

young african american couple hugging

8. Be outgoing and social!

You would agree that it’s hard to find someone if you don’t leave your home. It’s time to leave your shell and start being adventurous! Call your friends, ask them to arrange a party, make acquaintances with people, communicate!

If it seems difficult for you to do such things at once, try communicating online. It’s not that scary as you may think. Meet somebody cute, start messaging, and after a while you will be able to see this person in real life. Try-try-try!


9. Be ready for compromises.

No relations last forever, if partners aren’t ready to accept some singularities and habitutes of each other. Sacrifice something for the person you love, and you will be rewarded.

10. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake.

Yes, there is a type of girls who want to meet someone and live with him “once and for all’. But reality is that everything changes: from your needs to your feelings, or the same things of your partner.


Be ready to meet these changes and say goodbye to some people. On your way to complete happiness and the person of your dream you will meet the ones you won’t need later, and it’s normal. But never forget to believe in love!

Stay inspired with JiJi!