How To Impress Her On First Date

The first date – a very important event. After all, the first meeting will show whether you’re interested with each other, whether you want to continue dating. And if  you really like the girl you’re invited, try to surprise her on the first date and she was in awe of you and your actions. Women attach great importance to a first date, because it can often show what the man you are and for what you are ready in the future relationships.

You will definitely need to remember popular wisdom that women love with their ears. But for the very first time you will be assessed by your appearance, style of your clothing. Perfect appearance – that’s the standard to which you must strive for.
You must positively different from the surrounding men. Naturally, it is best if you are far superior to them. Then much of the success is already in your hands.

How to dress for a first date? This is one of the most difficult issues.  If you have no ideas, undying classic suit is always in trend. Good choice – shirt and pants, and a couple of stylish accessories. For example, a beautiful belt will be very useful, but do not overdo it.
Think about where you will spend time – if it is a park, then give preference to jeans and T-shirt, and if you’re going to a museum or theaterpants and shirt.
Pay special attention to your shoes – they should be perfectly clean. No excuses about that there are rain and mud on the street, this will not restore damaged impressions. Avoid bright colors and bizarre. A good impression on a first date will make clothes in quiet tones. In it you will feel more confident and your confidence is sure to produce a good impression on her.

Another important point: use toilet water and deodorant. Don’t feorget to take a shower and gently add to the flavor of freshness drop of perfume. Droplets will be enough.

Preparing for the first date with the girl, also pay attention to such an important part as a meeting. Provide for it in advance. Maybe she wants to meet in the park. Let her to choose the place. It will please your darling.

Proof of your serious intentions can become a bouquet of flowers. If you want this date wasn’t last one, buy flowers for your lady. This will allow her to feel special. And this is a huge plus for you is just beginning relations.

Never be late the date! Especially first one – it is better to arrive a little before
the appointed time.

Before the date, you should think out where you want to spend time with the girl. Prepare a small plan. Before proposing your versions, ask her, where she wants to go. If she offers something, – go there. If  girl does not know where to go, then you can offer your previously prepared variants.
For example, you can go to the park, museum, exhibitions, greenhouses, gardens, a zoo, a dolphinarium, toy shops and much more.
If you have means, then go to the cafe, but remember, you have to seat the girl in a place where nothing will bother you, it would be great if you sit close with her.
In general, it is best to choose a quiet place where you can easily communicate. Ideal – park, cafe and just walk around the city.

There you will have the opportunity to talk and get to know each other as much as possible in a calm atmosphere. However, you can select and something more interesting: the exhibition, amusement park. But before lead girl in some unusual place, it is necessary to clarify whether it is not opposed.

Demonstrate that you are a romantic, even if such and not. Show girl beautiful views of the sunset. Then relax in some cozy cafe where you will have a coffee hour and you can continue the conversation.

You can gently mention your achievements and share plans, it is very attractive for girls. Purposeful person is always more attractive then one wiht lack of initiative or one, who prefer to swim in this life downstream. Also, do not forget about the compliments.

If you are shy by nature, try to overcome the fear before the girl, be talkative and open with her. Of course, this is not so easy. During the conversation try to avoid the banal topics, such as weather. It will be great if before a date you will be able to learn at least some information about the girl. Fortunately, in the age of the Internet, it is quite possible, thanks to various social networks. Listen her. It is not necessary to interrupt the girl when she says something. Listen to the end, and then ask her your questions.

Don’t forget about the rules of etiquette.
Bad taste – to come to the girl on a date with empty hands. You can order the traditional bouquet of flowers, but you can show imagination and ingenuity. For example, give some inexpensive, but unusual trifle that will remind her of you. It is not necessary to make too expensive gifts for the girl on a first date, even if you have the opportunity. Such present may embarrass her. Try to be polite with not only a companion, but also with the staff of the restaurant or cafe, your girl will admit it.
After date it is necessary to escort her to the home
, even if it is necessary to take a taxi. And notice how she kept – stands near the door, standing outside or even quickly shut it. Those small signals will give you notion does she like you.
If you had a great time, tell her about it, and add that would like to see her again. And for good-bye you can give her a light innocent kiss on cheek. Be sure, she will remember this moment for a long time.

Also, departing from the girl after the first date, do not forget to arrange second one. After that you can safely return home with full confidence that your first date with the girl didn’t failed! After you have carried out the girl home, send her an SMS, and again tell her how wonderful time you had and wish a good night. And in the morning the same way wish a good morning and a good day.

Going on a second date, do not forget the flowers. Such attention will not leave indifferent any girl.

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