How To Learn To Study: The Secrets You Didn’t Know

Have you ever had any problems with studying? If not than you must be a successful and organized person, but for some people the process of knowing new things may turn out to be a real problem. But it is not always your fault if you can’t lean well. Very often it is your teacher who doesn’t let you move forward.

The educational system in many countries is intended to make you remember, not know. But it has huge drawbacks. For instance, you have studied Maths at school, but then you went to the university and chose a profession that has nothing to do with Maths. The experience shows that in a couple of years you won’t be able to remember the simplest things.

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So, the first thing you have to do is to learn to understand. It is a very common case, when we start learning something not knowing the basic ideas or words. For example, you study journalism, but you can’t give a definition to the word “information”. That causes problems, because you may understand it wrong and spoil your work.

If you read the student’s book and can’t get the new topic, look through the text and find the words that confuse you. After knowing their exact meaning it will be much easier for you to understand and memorize the information.


What you love


If you want to succeed in learning, choose the subject that you like, otherwise you won’t do good. Forcing yourself to study will be a real torture for you, and you will give up trying to remember things you don’t like really quickly.

A lot of people waste much time to get the profession they don’t really want, and then they suffer all their lives because they don’t do what they were meant to do. If you see that your profession is not what you really wanted, be brave to start something different studying yourself. It is not so easy, but it is really worth trying. Otherwise you risk to spend your life moaning and being unhappy.


Make it regular

You need to study regularly if you want to see the real progress. Of course, it will be better to spend 2 hours twice a week, than 5 minutes every day, so make a plan wisely. Choose the days when you can dedicate not less than an hour to studying and follow your plan. In the first weeks it may be hard, but try not to get distracted and skip the lessons. As long as you get used to the schedule it will be much easier for you to concentrate on studying.

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By the way, if you think that 8-hours studying once a month is productive, I will disappoint you. Long, but rare lessons don’t give a positive result.

It is also a good idea to make a list of topics you are going to learn and a list of the books you are going to use while studying. Organizing the process of studying is the half of success.


The right people

Forget your diffidence and be the first to speak. To who? Of course, to those who work in the area you’re interested in. You can ask them questions or watch the working process. The second is even better, because in this way you will be able to see your dreamjob from inside and, perhaps, know some hidden pros and cons.


Communication with the professionals is a necessary way of education, so don’t miss the chance to do it. If you get the opportunity to try and help the professional, do it. Perhaps, you will see that it’s not for you, or maybe you will make sure that it is exactly what you have always wanted to do.



This is the most important part of your studying. If you learn the language, find the opportunity to talk to the native speaker. Different language schools and online courses give such a chance. If your aim is to become a designer, design, draw logos, think how you could chance the appearance of different things. The more you practice, the better your skills become. Don’t be lazy and don’t postpone: it also has to be regular, otherwise there will be no visible progress.


Be serious about your intention to learn what you want to learn, prepare to work hard and don’t have any illusions about getting new knowledge and skills. It won’t come to you from nowhere! Everything depends on you, it’s all in your hands.

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