How to quickly sell a car without making a bad bargain

What’s your point to sell a car? Got a baby? Your tastes have changed? Or new Lamborghini Aventador hit the market and you just can`t resist it? Anyway, you need to sell your car quickly – and preferably at the highest price!


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This way you will make a great bargain – and save yourself from scammers!


If you don`t want to pay someone to sell your car and want to sell it yourself, you will have lots of work to do.

Take a few good quality pictures, make a proper advertisement.


“It is important to describe your car in glowing terms. But don`t lie, the buyer will notice all explicit imperfections during the car inspection. If there are some scratches on the car surface, it is better to order a professional polishing it is inexpensive and will significantly improve the appearance.

Orji, Lagos

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It is very important to establish an adequate price on car: it will directly affect on how quickly you will sell it.

What is necessarily should be examined and put in order?

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There are many rules of buying used cars – be prepared for the fact that buyers know them like the back of their hand. Here are some actual examples:



“Check if there is no leakage in engine, then partially wash motor compartment. Why partially? There is a golden rule: ideally clean engine in 90% of cases will raise the suspicions, because the buyer knows that he is watching at a used car.”

Ewansiha, Jimeta

The same applies to replacement parts: a large number of hoses, caps and bolts will also provoke a question: “How many repairs has seen this car?!


Noticed slight traces of oil on the conngine parts? It’s okay, don’t even think to wipe them – the buyer have to be sure that there is no serious oil leakage.

 “Take out and clean the plugs, reduce the gaps – this will ensure a smooth work of an engine.”

Obayana, Abuja

Be sure to fix the squeaks of belts.




Psychologically a buyer has an impression that a beautiful car goes well. Crystal clean cabin makes wonders – because future owner will sit here! Take advantage of professional services of car wash or clean your cabin yourself, it doesn`t matter: the cabin should shine as good as new!

 “The thing you need to fix is the smell of dampness in the car. Change cabin air filter, clean the drain hole. Make hot air circulate in a cabin and then air it.”

Gowon ,Benin City



Check the chassis, pressure, and the tires. You can replace disks if you want. Check cardan joints, actuators, shock absorbers, brake pads, hub bearings, fix backlashes. You can also buy accessories you need and change them.



Be sure to check the headlights, beeps, the light in the cabin, dashboard gauges, alarms.


Final phase – checking car on the go

Check how fast engine starts, check the brakes, listen to the sounds. It is important to imagine yourself to be a buyer and be as biased as you can! Here you can take the help of a friend, and to invite him for a “short trip” – his impressions will be more objective than yours.


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