We hope you have found your perfect one and only, but how make your relations last?

JiJi knows the answer 😉


1. Be positive

You may feel bewildered, but yes, it’s quite important. Whatever situation you can face now, don’t lose faith in yourself. Moreover, your partner is able to increase it in hundred times! Have you noticed how a single smile can influence people in a good way? Try it. Cheer yourself up and your beloved one, too.

Be humorous. Serious relationships don’t mean being serious all the time. Sense of humour is a key to reduce the number of arguments and to become more satisfied with your own life!


2. Talk!

When a couple reaches a certain point in their life, a lot of attention is occupied by routine affairs. Therefore, people spend less time with each other. It’s one of the major problems in relationships. So don’t forget to talk, to interest how your love has spent his/her day. Also it’s a great possibility to deal with conflicts which arise. Don’t put it in the box, talk as soon as problems occur. Otherwise you are going to face a lot of mutual complaints.


3. Don’t stress the arguments.

It’s really a tough task, but try to be patient, especially when you’re fighting. Don’t say the words which are capable of hurting your partner. Yes, sooner or later you will reconcile with each other, but you won’t forget these words and expressions. Take care of your partner’s feelings.

4. Look in one direction.

How to know that your couple is viable?

You don’t look at each other, but in one direction.

That means that you share the same values, principles and attitude toward each other.

So dream together! Talk about the house of your dream, about your future children and so on! Be confident in the forthcoming day together! Moreover, it’s a great way to discover each other more and more. Remember: you can always find something new in your partner, even if you dwell together for 20 years. Never stop wondering!

5. Spend time together.

No, it doesn’t mean something common and routine. Spend time in new, fascinating, way! For instance, today you have been walking down the street and noticed a new cosy cafe. Invite your beloved one for coffee or even for romantic dinner. Make surprises! Moreover, you can find a new hobby for both. Visit dance classes or just prepare food together! Whatever you may choose, be sure that both of you get pleasure.

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6. Be polite and say compliments.

Once you have “conquered” the person you’re with, it doesn’t actually mean that you have to leave out simple politeness and respect. Always appreciate the one you’re with. And make this person know it. Say pleasant things to people you love. It’s in your hands!

7. Find time for yourself.

No, this point doesn’t contradict the paragraph 5. It only means that sometimes you have to recover from always being with your beloved. Spend time with your personal friends, visit your parents – and when you will come back again, you will fell that you really missed your partner! A new wave of tenderness and love is waiting for you.


Love your partner, appreciate him/her and make them know it!

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