How To Speed Up Your Personal Development

It seems that if you are in the process of learning something, you are right. However, somebody can learn to play the guitar during one month, but another people will not cope with its basic methods during a year. Your personal approach to learning influences this process.

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Each year specialists owing several skills have a real value. For any employer a person performing several different types of work is valuable for several reasons.


Learning of some new information is not a problem, especially, if you like it. Let’s look at the example. A few years ago I started to learn playing drums. The first month of my studying was really hard: I had been playing drums for several hours daily, but I saw some results in the end of the month. Then I was a bit tired of this process, so I spent much less time practicing. Evidently, the process was gradually slowing down.

The Quora users offer lots of useful ways to vary the learning process so that it brings you much pleasure and great results.


For instance, Auren Hoffman from the SEO company LiveRamp thinks that for the fastest learning you have to control the following things:

  • you have to be surrounded by people who are more intelligent that you are;
  • you are will be able to make mistakes;
  • the company you are practicing in has to be interested in your learning.

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According to these conditions he offers several pieces of advice.

Find a company where at least 30% of people are more intelligent than you are


As Hoffman thinks, the main catalyst for your studying is people around you. That is why when you surround yourself with such people you will get many benefits from it. The perfect variant is to choose a company where it is really difficult to be interviewed. And, of course, you have to pass the interview successfully. In such a way you will know that the other workers coped with this uneasy task too.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes

Your professional growth will be at the highest level if you make mistakes in 30-60% of situations. In order to become better experienced you have to find yourself in such situations which do not mean 100% victory. For example, you will not learn to play tennis in case of playing with your 6-year old daughter.


However, when playing with a true professional and losing, you will become stronger and stronger.

Look for some abilities to show yourself in a new role

Let’s suppose you are the person who always wants to grow professionally. Of course, you will look for some abilities to promotion and getting some new responsibilities. However, not every company is ready to work out a compromise. Some of them just need workers who do not show themselves and do what they have to.


Hoffman offers the method to drive away such companies:

Find some people who joined the company a few years ago and have nearly the same record of service as you. Follow their career way. If their career went ahead, be sure to consider this kind of company.