Imagine you don’t enjoy going in for sport, but you understand the use of it for your health.

How to start?

Stay with JiJi to find out!


1. Make the training as short as possible.

If you aim for being healthy, but not having your muscles seen everywhere, practise short trainings. It will be enough for you to practise everyday for 7, 10 or 15 minutes (it depends on your personal preferences). Moreover, you can fing a lot of ready videos on the Internet to arrange the most effective exercises.


2. Choose the most interesting activity!

The thing is that there are plenty of kinds of sport (from team games to single activities), so you have a great opportunity to choose what you would like the most depending on your traits: if you are an outgoing person, who likes to compete, team games are right  for you! Yoga and running suit the best to self-concentrated people.


3. Take care of your brain.

Do you know why some people hate sport? It’s because they are used to work with their head, and while practising sport they don’t have a possibility to engage the brain into it. To turn off your brain turn on the music! It will muffle your thoughts and make your mood better as you listen to your favourite songs!


4. Don’t aim very high.

When you start, it’s important to stay motivated. But the common mistake is that people set difficult assignments on the first days. Then they observe the records of some athletes and think they aren’t able to beat or even repeat them. And they quit.

Take small steps every day without setting tough goals! Appropriate motivation can be found here.


5. Be active in day-to-day life!

To be fit you can also take everyday chance with the help of absolutely simple actions. Have a walk instead of using a bus, or refuse the elevator in favour of stairs! Engage sport in your trivial activities to become more healthy. Moreover, you can get rid of public transport in favour of a bicycle, especially in summer!


Stay healthy and positive with JiJi!