How To Survive Sweltering Nights?

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When the weather presents us maximal hot temperature and high temperature, it’s very hart to do something, even sleep. And after few nights without sleeping enough you begin to hate the whole world, not only heat.

o-SAD-BLACK-WOMAN-ON-BED-facebook[1] deals with you some effective advises how to feel really sleepy at the most sweltering nights (without conditioner!). Good night and sweet dreams!

Put a bowl of ice in front of fan

This is real trick that will provide freshness for the whole night. The air flow “takes” water from the surface of the ice, so you will create the effect of the air conditioner.

Wet sheet

The inhabitants of the Nile have always known how to cope with the heat. They rid themselves of a bad dream with using bed sheets or towels, that were soaked in cold water instead of blanket.

Use cotton sheets

Put linens of satin, silk and polyester for cooler nights. But cotton sheet – it’s a great finding for the summer: it will “breathe” and give you the desired ventilation.

Put a fan in front of the window

Point the fan in the window, so the hot air will go out. The effect you will like!

Sleep in a spacious pajamas

Sleeping without clothes is a very moot point. Some people think that they get complete cooling in such way and others that clothing saves, because absorbs sweat. The choice is yours, but if you like to sleep in pajamas, then stop your choice on the very large, short and cotton types.

Cool off with a damp towel

Apply an ice pack or towel, that was soaked in cold water to the wrists, neck, elbows, ankles and knees.


Sleep alone

It is sad, but it is better to sleep in full loneliness in the heat. From cuddling with your partner your body heat will increase, and the bed will never be a cool oasis. And when all the space will be yours, try to sleep in a pose of “star”. To many it helps, because that body is the most ventilated.


Drink a glass of water at night

A glass of cool water before bed will help you get rid of dehydration that will overtake you on the active sweating and constant movement on the bed in search of a cool place. It doesn’t hurt you to have a glass of water on the bedside table – it gives an opportunity to freshen up a bit at night.


Sleep on the floor or in a hammock

Hot air rises, so try to go as close as possible to the floor. If it is possible, install a hammock or try to build a simple bed on the floor. Have you remembered your childhood? Bed straw or bamboo mats instead of sheets, they are well ventilated and doesn’t retain heat as mattresses, blankets and feather pillows on classical bed.


Cool off in the shower

A cool shower will lower your body temperature before going to bed.

Switch on a minimum of light

Turn off the lights in the house as soon as possible before the heat from the light bulbs doesn’t apply everywhere. Also it can be a great occasion to arrange a romantic dinner every evening, or get in a soft chair with your favorite book by candlelight.

Hang wet sheet in front of the window

This will allow you some time to spend in the cool conditions.

Avoid hot dinner

Try not to use the stove and oven to further not warm the room more. In hot weather, as a rule, people don’t want to eat – it’s a natural reaction. You can eat evening meal: salads, vegetables and fruits, snacks. For their digestion the body will not release so much heat as for meat and poultry.


Soak your feet in the cold

Dip your feet in the cool water – it will quickly cool the body. recommends to put a bowl of water beside the bed to have at any time the opportunity to receive a wave of freshness.

Turn off all appliances at night, because they also produce heat


Sleep outdoors

If you live in a private house, then camp on the street and sleep in a tent. It’s not so easy – you might be started getting the attack of mosquitoes and other animals. But you can foresee everything in advance. There is nothing better than to spend nights in the fresh air!

Open all windows and doors

In the evening, start a draft by opening all windows and the front door to get rid of all the warm air from the room.

So, hopes your conditions at home will be always comfortable! You also may buy conditioner on our site for nice price and don’t worry about heat any more!

Use – buy, sell, enjoy!