How Will You Benefit After Becoming A Mom

Bringing a child to this world is one of the biggest wonders you can make. Read, think and decide. Find 10 reasons to be called a “mom” someday.

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1) You will gain a purpose

qKjDgj3nw_YBecoming a mom puts a great responsibility upon your shoulders. It gives you a purpose – to find a better job for example so your child can live a better life. You are not afraid to take risks anymore as there is someone else needing your help, someone you could sacrifice everything you have for.


2) You will develop creativity

Waking up early in the morning the first thing you will think of is how to make your offspring’s life brighter and more interesting. You’ll find for your surprise many more things to do like decorating your apartment making it more comfortable or shopping not for your own pleasure but in order to choose the proper clothing and accessories for the younger member of your family.


3) You will gain authority

All of your knowledge and experience you have been getting throughout your lifetime will be passing to your child. He or she will be grateful to you about this and so will see you as your authority and someone they can refer to if any help or explanations needed.


4) You’ll find your egoism level decreased

x4B-TOCZeR0It’s not only you and yourself already. There’s someone else. Someone little and sometimes unconscious yet but still someone very important. The world doesn’t spin around you anymore; it is you who spins around this small nubble of flesh and blood.

5) You will start respecting your body

After you will see the tremendous physical capabilities and resilience of your body during labor, you will finally start respecting it. Yes, you might get a bit more extra-weight, but this will stimulate you to start doing sports or fitness trainings. And this may become your first move to understanding the needs of your body.


6) You will get a lot more of entertaining

NTubZSoZkvwKids always mean joy and happiness, and of course a lot of entertaining. You will always have someone to remember your childhood with, to play hide-and-seek, read an interesting colorful book or laugh watching a family comedy or an animated cartoon.


7) You will get enormous amount of hugs and kisses

No one knows how to appreciate the simple joys in life better than a child. Hugging, kissing, and laughing at a funny noise, wandering around looking for something yet undiscovered – all of those things are inaccessible for your perception until you get someone to point them out for you.


8) You will learn how to cook

You will finally learn how to cook, and cook tasty. Be ready to spend enormous amount of time surfing the Internet for the new recipes of delicious meals. You will learn how to eat healthy and useful food, and will share your knowledge with your friends and colleagues.


9) You will tune into the beat of respect to your parents

You will completely find out all of the sacrifices made by your parents for you and your well-being. The career, personal interests, the time that could be spent for something else but devoted to you.


10) Feeling proud

There’s no one else you could feel more proud of as the one you gave the life to. All your children’s ups and downs are going to give a reflection on your emotional upheaval. You’ll find out how it is great to share your child’s accomplishments at school, at college, in their first relationships. And you will finally get to understand your own main accomplishment – them.


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