Important Guide For Travellers

Before going to the other country try to think of all important things and make sure everything is in order. Decide what country you want to visit, who will go with you, when you are going to travel and how you will pack your suitcases.

Let’s start from the main point – the place of our adventure.

Choosing a destination

Surfers, divers and those people who are crazy about this kind of sport can travel to Australia and enjoy great underwater Caribbean views.


Those who love the tender sun, ocean and friendly local dwellers are recommended to go to Bali in Indonesia.


Complete relaxation and great rest can be found in India, for instance, in Goa with its real paradise.


Hot Egypt invites those who want to sunbathe and spend not very much money during their journey.


Maldives offers wonderful ocean views, as well as seafood.


One more place which can be called a true paradise is Seychelles with its beach rest, fishing, diving and, of course, marvelous views.


Thailand also surprises its tourist with its light atmosphere and an abundant of amusements which make people fall in love with this miraculous place and rest there regularly.


The UAE has pretty high temperature during the whole year. For example, in winter it is nearly +25 °C, so you will not be cold. And even if you didn’t want to swim in chill water, you would visit many attractive places of interest in its large cities.


Malaysia, Vietnam, Tunisia, the Bahamas, Cuba, Columbia, countries in Latin America (Brasilia, Venezuela, Honduras, Bolivia, Haiti, Chile, Ecuador and Jamaica are also wonderful places to spend your vacation.

If you dream about visiting Europe, go to Montenegro and Macedonia which will really surprise you.

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All in all, the choice is really great. Now it is your turn to act!

One more important factor in picking up the place of travelling is your budget, amount of money which you are ready to spend. In order to orient better use the Numbeo service. Here you will get to know how much your journey will cost, including your dwelling, eating, transport, clothes and the other articles in the country you want to go to.

Booking tickets

In order to shorten your expenditures on plane tickets you should know the peculiarities of their selling and follow several useful rules:

Buying in advance

You should better purchase the tickets days before your travelling. If you take the tickets 2-3 months before, most airlines cannot calculate the actual price of your tickets, so they will show the prices taking into consideration their popularity in the previous year.


Choosing the right day and the ordering time

It is better to take the tickets in the middle of a week when the flights are thin (from Tuesday to Thursday) at 1 a.m. (according to the airline’s local time).

Special offers

Special offers can appear because of the ticket sale during the season closing, a new direction opening or just for attracting many clients.

Being incognito

If you are looking for the tickets incognito, aggregating agents could not evaluate your status depending on your previous ticket orders and will not raise the price.

Reserving a hotel room

Firstly, let’s look into the questions of comfort, and then we’ll speak about the room price. The following common tricks can lead to comfort loosing, so study some pieces of advice in order not to get in unpleasant situations.


Look not at the room photos, but on its area. Photos can be taken from any perspective, so even a small room will look like a mansion.

Get to know the information about the room fund. If you do not want to find yourself in the overcrowded hotel which does not give a possibility to relax neither during a day nor at night, choose the hotels with 200-300 rooms, in extremes, with no more than 500 rooms.

Finding out the noise level

If you cannot sleep when there is much noise around, you have to find out beforehand the noise level. For this reason use the Google Maps, for instance, and look whether there is a road, lively streets and places of interests (where a great amount of tourists will gather, of course) near your hotel.


Becoming familiar with feedbacks

Pay your attention to many repeating feedback. For example, if you notice several similar texts about cramped rooms, most probably it is true.

Getting into consideration sea view

In case a sea view is very important for you, look at the hotel location on the map or call up the hotel for asking.

Remember: you can notice the words “beach” and “sea view” even in the hotels which are located at the distance of one block from the sea and its beaches.


Calling up the hotel

On reserving services you can meet such notes like “2 rooms left” or “last room” and so on. Who knows: whether it is a tricky marketing ploy or a real room limit for the particular service…

Nevertheless, you can call up the hotel and clarify this information. Most likely, there are many rooms left in the hotel and you will be offered a lower price and free breakfasts in order to sell the room quicker.

Three best services for world’s hotel searching:

  1. RoomGuru website helps comparing thousands of hotels all over the world and choosing the best one meeting your requirements.
  2. BedandBreakfastwill help you find B&B hotels. Besides, there are many great ideas for your journeys.
  3. Those who are looking for some unusual feelings and capturing places can substitute the hotels for the interesting flats and houses, so find them with the help of the service Airbnb.

Have a nice vacation!