Phrases You Should Say To Your Child

Childhood is a very important period of our lives. It is the time when a personality starts to form and when it is very easy to influence kids, their character and behavior. Making mistakes in bringing children up may lead to horrible results, so it is extremely important what you say and do when your kid is about 5-7 years old.

You may not notice, but some of the words you say can hurt your child, no matter how easy you take it. Even if you think you say something innocent, it may sound very cruel to your son and daughter.

This article from Jiji gives you a list of phrases every parent should say to his child.



The first thing a true mother or father should say to their kid every day is


A child is born from love, so this feeling to him must be absolutely natural. It is a part of you, your own child, so appreciate the chance to have him, to be with him, to dedicate your time to caring about him.

You also need to be there for him always, despite any problems and troubles.

Close-up of young daughter looking into dad's eyes.

“I love you, no matter what happens”
“I love you, no matter what you’ve done”
“My love is always with you”
“I love you even when I’m angry”


Don’t be shy to say these words, imagine how important it is for a kid to know that there are people in this world who really care about him, who are ready to teach and protect him from misery.

Parents’ love is a foundation of a happy childhood.


Show that you believe

What can be more pleasant for a kid than understanding that the result of his actions is good.

“Good job!”
“How did you do this?”
“I can’t do it with you”
“You are doing it right”


A child has to feel needed, irreplaceable and worth paying attention to. Show that you support your son’s or daughter’s undertakings. If you don’t, your kid may feel useless and have a low self-appraisal.

If your child want to try to do something new, let him do it. Don’t hider. If your son wants to dance, let him visit a couple of lessons and make his own decision. Claiming some hobby “girlish” or “boyish” may form useless stereotypes in a child’s head, and later it can even come to some complexes or hesitations like: “Am I doing my job? Am I in my place?”


Let him know that he has made an effort

Don’t underestimate the diligence of your kid, because his small success must be his real victory. Show that you are proud of him being on top. Even if it is just a good mark, praise your little winner!

“You have worked hard, and it worked out!”
“I see how much time you have spent on it!”
“It must have been a hard work to do!”


Something that seems easy to you now can be really hard for children. Remember yourself at his age: how pleasant it was to get a good mark after studying hard. How delightful it was to win a competition you have been preparing to for ages! Be kind and understanding.


Be attentive

Always listen attentively to what your kid says to you. Even if you are tired and want nothing but to lie in your bed and sleep, find a minute for your closest little person. He really needs to tell you how his day was, what happened to him, what made him laugh. If you are always busy with your work, stop for a minute and look: perhaps, your child is waiting for your question?


“How was your day at school?”
“What’s new?”
“What is the best thing that happened to you today?”
“Do you have anything to share with me about today?”

Be patient, because if you don’t listen it may provoke a child to close, and then it can be too late. It will hake hours to hear a word from your kid, and all of his answers will be just “yes” and “no”.


Thank You

Point out his help when you do something together. No matter if he was just sitting near you and telling you stories or helped you make the dough for cookies – it is important that you do things together.

“Thank you for your help”
“Thanks, I couldn’t do it without you!”
“It was so nice to work with you, thank you!”
“Thanks to you I have dealt with it quicker”











When you let your kid take part in some processes, he feels that he is doing a real thing and is good in his actions.

Remember that the way you bring your children up influences your future as well. Love your kid and let him become a good example for the others.