Plants On The Office Desk

Potted plants in our lives very often adorn not only our home, but also work place, where we spend essential part of our time.

Norwegian scientists proved that the house plants in the office really able to protect office worker’s health. In the study, scientists established a relationship between the number of houseplants in the office and hospitalized employees. More plants – less sick lists.

Experts in agriculture explain that houseplants and earth microbes neutralize volatile organic components of the office air, which adversely affect the health of employees. First of all, a large number of flowers increase stress tolerance and performance.

Phytodesign of industrial and office space – a special item of expenditure in many solid companies.

Add a few green accents on your table and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the change in the general atmosphere in the office. The natural beauty of plants soothes and may even change your mood, affect the emotional state of colleagues or customers.

In addition, many common houseplants clean the air by removing pollution caused by chemicals released such ordinary things as furniture, plastics and carpets. Green plants in the office perform useful work for the utilization of carbon dioxide that we exhale, turning it into oxygen.

Many houseplants emit phytoncides, bioactive substances that reduce the level of contamination by bacteria and viruses. And it is important during seasonal epidemics.

General requirements for office plants.

First, the office plants should always look beautiful. No dried stems, crumbled petals, bare stems and leaves with spots.

Second, do not have a strong  flavor and do not cause allergies. Plants on office desk affect everyone – colleagues, visitors and should be safe and does not irritate.

The third – plant for the office should be unpretentious, does not require complex care, no special conditions. You can ask on vacation someone from colleagues to water your flower, but not to spray it three times a day, fertilize, monitor air temperature changes will clearly be superfluous.

Best Plants for the office.

A few easy-care plants that are good candidates to be shared by employees of your office.

1If you often forget to water your plants or often absent in the workplace, it will approach a cactus. There are many species of different shape, be careful not to place the cactus where you can stumble on it. Cacti have a drawback – the spines. Cacti grow best in a sunny window. However, under the fluorescent lights, they feel pretty fine too.

1-FloppyDisk-645x429Succulents – a large group of plants capable of accumulating moisture in their tissues. Thus the plants adapt to life in the deserts and semi-deserts. They absorb moisture during the rainy season, keep it in their tissues and gradually spend in times of drought. You can choose, what you prefer – Lithops, Crassula, Astrophytum, or Ficus.
Cacti also are succulents, but represent only one family. Most of succulents have thick stems, fleshy leaves and thorns instead of leaves, a small evaporating surface.

Adenium obesum 092Many of them are blooming beautifully. Some flowers are very rare, sometimes for one night, which makes their blossoming unusual.

Also small succulents can be a perfect decor solution if you can not put on your work place a big plant.

Funny pot will make boring work space more enliven and comfortable.

Besides succulents you can grow grass, lucky bamboo, etc. – the limitation is only your imagination.

But don’t forget, every plant requires taking care.

On you can find plant fertilizer, funny flowerpots, bonsai and many another stuff. Or, maybe, you can share with others some cute flower seedlings?

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