Psychological Writing-Lists Technique

Everyone of us is familiar with writing lists (especially to-do lists and so on).

But today we’re gonna discuss special techniques which are able to surprise you and your consciousness.

Look what JiJi has prepared for you!


Part 1.

In this part we would like to remind you about lists we write every day: for instance, lists of products to buy. It’s extremely important! Why?

When you write something, you structure your thoughts and ideas (we have mentioned it here). Lists help you to deapen this process, because the aim of list for you is to fulfil what you have written.


You want to spend your summer with use? Well, write a list of things you have dreamed to do a long time ago and start crossing out the points you’ve just made!

You can see that it’s a simple, but powerful technique to follow. Try it: you will feel pleasure when you finish the tasks. It can really inspire you!


Part 2. List of 100

Writing such a list helps you to spawn new ideas, to find a solution to a problem or even to find out what the problem is (when you feel that something is wrong, but don’t know what it is).

How to use it?

Write down a question or a trouble you need to solve at the top of the paper. Then start jotting down the methods you see for finding the way out.

Why 100?

It’s important to write 100 answers or provisions, not less (if you are capable of writing more, do it!). 100 is a magic number, because scientists have proved that people find the most rational way out within the last 30 points you have written.


The thing is that 100 points help you to find harmony between your consciousness and subconsciousness. When you’ve written 70 provisions, you start to feel a bit tired, all the logical means are written, so your subconsciousness starts to produce the most original ideas! They are the most valuable. You can even consider first 70 just mental warm-up, but without this warm-up you won’t find the precious solution!

How to write? The rules.


1. Write 100 points of your list in 1 attempt.

No, you can’t break this process into several sections, because it won’t be efficient and productive. Consider it as a brain storm: do it once without distractions.

2. Avoid distraction.

It’s a thing capable of ruining the whole process of finding the right solution. Therefore, find a peaceful, calm place and suitable time, so that you will be confident that nobody or nothing can reach you. And do it!

African-American businessman

3. Don’t analyse the written points.

You don’t have to stop writing. Let the process be a kind of stream of consciousness. And don’t stop to rethink or analyse something you’ve just written. You can even allow some repetitions (you can never know, they may point you out something your subconsciousness is trying to tell you).

One more rule – don’t write the words or phrases in the whole. Let them be condensed (shorten the words). While wasting time on writing full version of words, you can lose some valuable ideas.

Try this technique right now!

If you have no ideas what to write about, JiJi is ready to provide you with some ideas:

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Be creative!