Qualities Which Irritate Employers

All of us want not only to get to a job interview, but also to go through it successfully and get the job. However, in an attempt to please the employer we can sometimes “go too far” and cause a completely opposite feelings.

JiJi.ng identified seven characteristics and behavior patterns of candidates, which have a negative impact on the result of the interview.

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We often try to look better than we are. You can always embellish reality a little, but do not get carried away, because the interviewer can easily disclose your lies. Therefore you shouldn’t say that you love stay too long at work or you never sick.


It’s important to remember that the interview is a formal meeting, which requires compliance with etiquette. Therefore, if the personnel manager is younger than you and have less experience in your field, you shouldn’t behave haughtily or derogatory.


It’s good to be confident in your abilities and know your own worth, but don’t go too far in this. No need to talk with a recruiter as if you already have a job. Nobody likes arrogance.



Of course, the interview is a stressful situation, even for professionals with great experience. The employer is ready to consider your excitement until it breaks the interview. That is why, if you can’t answer questions logically or you constantly tapping a pen on the table – it won’t help you in communicating with the employer. Cold sweat convulsively clenched or trembling hands and look only at the floor – make the negative impression. As you are well aware of this feature, try to prepare carefully for an interview.


An important characteristic of the candidate is his achievements, but don’t turn it into an ordinary boasting. Don’t miss this line, otherwise all your advantages will turn into one big disadvantage.


The ability to achieve the desired is a good quality, but that doesn’t mean that you have to call the interviewer on a daily basis to find out the results of the interview. It will be looks more like desperation than perseverance.


Not only clothing but almost everything needed accuracy and attention to detail. An applicant who has made a mistake in the names of the former company, misspelled the name of his degree at the University, and the name of his former leader, who must give recommendations accidentally written with a small letter are unlikely to earn much confidence.


The qualities which annoy employers aren’t “mortal sins”, they can be avoided or solved by diligent preparation, accuracy and observances of etiquette.