Sell Clothes On JiJi And Make Money

One of the advantages of having access to the internet is the ability to make a bit of cash with it. There are so many opportunities to get richer online. You can do freelance work, teach classes, or even sell goods and services. And while some of those opportunities require a lot of skills, you still can make money online with zero experience – for example, by selling your used clothes.

Selling clothes can benefit you in two different ways. First, you get to make a buck or two without doing any hard work. Second, you get rid of stuff you no longer use and clear up some space for new clothes in your wardrobe. But even if selling clothes online seems like a perfectly easy task, it still requires some preparation. Below you’ll find a few easy steps that will let you make profit with the help of your old clothes.

1. Sign up for JiJi

While there are dozens of website in Nigeria that allow you to sell old stuff, there is only one that you can completely trust – it’s JiJi. As one of the fastest growing Nigerian website, JiJi gives every user an opportunity to buy and sell in the most convenient way. Join thousands of genuine users and become richer by selling your old stuff. JiJi is great not only for selling clothes – if you look at the 160,000+ ads, you’ll see that people sell cars, mobile phones and tablets, furniture, and even houses and apartments. With JiJi you get risk-free deals with real people! Simply use your Facebook account to log in and you can start selling.

2. Inspect your wardrobe

It goes without saying that you should only sell clean clothes that wasn’t damaged or torn. Pick the items you no longer like or wear. They may have gone out of fashion or you simply don’t want to wear them anymore. Make sure there are no signs of wearing out, or, if there are, don’t forget to mention it in the description. Put all the items you’ve chosen in a separate place. Now you can move on to the next step.

3. Take good pictures

As we all know from our experience as buyers, the photos are crucial when it comes to shopping online. When you see a dark, low quality photo of any item, there’s no chance you’re going to buy it, no matter how good the item can be. On the other hand, beautiful, attractive, professional-looking photos represent your goods much better, making people who see the ad want to buy everything. Luckily, you can achieve the same effect without a professional camera and other equipment. Choose a monochromatic background, make sure the room is lit the right way, and take several pictures of the same item from a different position. Then pick the best looking pictures and you’re ready to get to the next step.

4. Write a great description

Even though people first pay attention to the photo in your ad, the accompanying text is also very important. First you need to think of a compelling title. Make sure it’s short but informative, and, of course, it needs to be very catchy to make your ad stand out from the rest. As for the ad itself, it’s best to keep it short and attractive. List all of the necessary details: size, color, condition, etc. Don’t forget to add delivery and payment details, as well as set the price.

5. Get ready to take phone calls

That’s it! You’ve successfully created and posted a free ad on JiJi. As soon as you make your first selling, you’ll see how easy it is to buy and sell on JiJi. While you’re waiting for customers to call you and make an order, you can browser other sections of the website and maybe find some items you’ve been dreaming about. Have you always wanted to adopt a cute doggy? Or maybe you’re looking for a new job? If you have kids, there is a whole section on JiJi devoted to all kinds of products for children. And don’t forget to check out our Home Appliances section, where you can find everything from TVs to refrigerators. No matter what you’re going to sell or buy, you’re guaranteed to have a pleasant experience with JiJi!

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