The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Studying Online

Have you ever dreamed to become an expert in some areas you’re interested in, but you had no time or opportunity to attend special courses or classes?

Well, now this problem is almost solved because of the emergence of online studying.

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Therefore, here we will provide you with advantages and disadvantages of studying online, so that you will be able to decide whether it suits you. Let’s start!


1. Online studying is available for everybody regardless of age or material possession!

Most sites providing a variety of courses are absolutely free, that’s why you can attend any courses you like if you just have Internet connection and a comfortable place to study.

2. You are free to choose time and place!

The great drawback of classical courses is that you have to go somewhere for a specified time. Well, while studying online you can choose time and place to study on your own! Moreover, you don’t have to spend time and money on your commute. By the way, it can also increase your productivity

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3. Materials are accessible.

Studying platforms give a possibility to download any materials (even videos), so that you can look through them one more time even after finishing the course.

4. Communication with coursemates.

To compensate the lack of communication between students and teachers, most online courses provide you with possibility to discuss all the issues (even personal ones) with coursemates. Furthermore, you will never know – maybe, some of them can become your friends later!



1. You need to be self-disciplined.

Have you ever found yourself highly inspired, but after a while you feel exhausted and lacking motivation? To finish a course successfully and to receive a certificate, you also have to be hard-working and diligent as if you were at school again. And unfortunately, merely everybody can boast with such qualities. Why discipline is better than motivation? Read here.

2. You can’t communicate with the teacher in most cases.

The great lack of online studying is that you have ready-made materials to perceive, but in case you misunderstand something, you don’t have an opportunity to get clarifications from the teachers themselves. You’ll have to surf the net in search for relevant information. But you may agree that sometimes while studying with a teacher you also have to look for more details on your own, so this point may vary.


This is it, so you may contemplate such an opportunity in the meantime.


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