Top 4 Reasons 25+ Should See A Doctor


It doesn’t really feel that different when you are 27, 35, or something in between. By that age millions of us go to work in the morning, hang out with friends on Fridays, and watch Tinsel on comfy sofas. With our busy work-home schedule we successfully ignore those ongoing changes that happen to our every cell when we sleep, surf the web, or do grocery shopping.

So, let’s see why seeing a doctor wouldn’t hurt if you have already eaten your 25 birthday cake.


Reason #1. Family health portrait

Brainstorming diseases your parents and grandparents had to deal with during their life can be useful as it can give you a clear picture of what the future may hold for you. Language and skin color are far from being the only features you inherit from your parents. But don’t panic if your grandma had breast cancer or your dad regularly takes insulin to fight his diabetes.

Although bloodline diseases somewhat increase your chances of similar health concerns, you can take over the reins of your health already now by changing your lifestyle habits. That is why so many books are being written about the use of saying “yes” to more physical activity, fiber, less alcohol, and no smoking.


Reason #2. Blood type

Knowing your blood type can save your life. By way of example, during blood transfusion doctors will only be able to use blood compatible with your type. Mothers-to-be and their future babies can sometimes be Rh-incompatible which can be resolved by a shot of immunoglobulin.

Another important reason of knowing your blood type is that you can save someone else’s life. Car accidents just like other force majeures come uninvited and helping others makes us better in the eyes of God.


Reason #3. Medical card

By the time we are in our 30s, we are usually quite settled in our lives with long to-do lists and responsibilities for others. The truth is, medical card is one of those things we never find time for. But after all, keeping such vital information as vaccinations, childhood diseases, and latest blood test results in one place will help our doctor at any given time provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Reason 4#. Common diseases

Did you know that after 35 ovarian reserve features a sharp drop making family planning increasingly complicated? Or that obesity dramatically affects joints and increases cancer risk by 40%?

Most widely spread diseases that hit young people after 25 include STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), infertility, cancer, heart disease, and obesity. To avoid any of them return to Reason #1 and look through healthy lifestyle habits again.


Don’t be shy – talk to your doctor about ALL health concerns you may have by now. Experienced doctor will carefully listen to your complaints and give competent answers no website can offer.

With time, looking in the mirror makes us increasingly worried. We start noticing previously unseen wrinkles and more grey hair while puffy eyes become the first thing we see in the morning. Yes, make-up industry and massages has indeed made an enormous effort to make us look younger than what our passport tells us. But exercising, healthy diet, and positive thinking will make us look as happy as couples on the pictures below.

As my 94-year-old great grandfather once said, “Where would I live if I didn’t take a good care of my body when I was young?”

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