Top 7 Tickling Rumors About iPhone 7

Rumor #1. What’s your name, please?

While many can’t wait to hold, touch, and click next generation iPhone, most questions are still being buried in mystery including its name. The most extraordinary suggestion we heard is iPhone Max implying maximized potential of all its specs. However, hi-tech experts forecast the Apple team will either add 6s or 7 to the magic “i” word and here’s why:


Rumor #2. A watched pot never boils.

At least we all know the month. Wait, not all? Well, it’s September. Some predict the world will finally satisfy its half-year curiosity on the 8th day of the month while others believe it won’t happen until September 25th. In either case, you have enough time to play your bets.


Rumor #3. Beauty knows no pain.

Ready for some brainstorming? If you remember, the Apple guys come up with new designs every second year. As a result, they created a delight for our eyes in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014. You don’t have to be a genius to guess the year of issue for the next eye-catchy and hand-friendly design.
So, most likely in 2016, you can expect to be holding a phone with a 4.8 or 5.6 inch edge-to-edge screen and multiple buttons such as volume scroll and camera on the side.


Rumor #4. Run baby run!

Android lovers know more about iPhone batteries than their owners and can talk forever about how steadily the charge approaches 0. While iPhone 6 Plus features the 2915mAh battery which is a notable breakthrough compared to iPhone 6 with its 1810mAh potential, it is largely due to its size which is significantly bigger than that of its older brother.
Rumor has it that you will be able to charge your next iPhone in a wireless way by simply placing it on the charger for a while. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to improve your phone battery life, but at least it will save you the trouble of a dead phone in the wrong place at the wrongest time.


Rumor #5. Any news?

In the first place, future iPhones will have an Apple SIM to let you stick to one card even if you plan to be using two or more mobile operators.
Camera is another hot topic for “i” fans. Backroom talks suggest that rear-facing camera will feature 12MP, while the so-called “selfie” camera is to reach up to 1080 pixels in resolution. Rather spread assumption about next iPhone having an in-built 3D depth-sensing camera is very unlikely to turn into reality. But who knows?


Rumor #6. Presumable list of Apple’s NOs for next iPhone.

Bendable or slimmer than iPhone 6? Totally impossible. 3D screen? Not yet. iPhone mini? We very much doubt it.
And to throw light on never-ending questions and theories, here’s a photo that has recently leaked from Apple’s email correspondence and started tickling curious minds all over the world. This, surely, could have been done with obvious purpose to heat up the audience that is already rubbing its hands with glee.


Rumor #7. Here comes the King.

But what about the price? Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a rather tough topic to bring up. As Apple has never been generous with its price policy, most people outside the U.S. prefer used iPhones and accessories. Sticking to its tradition, Tim Cook might approve a price tag that is unlikely to be lower than $649.


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