TOP Best Extreme Places For Having A Rest

If a word “extreme” means something more than just a trip on an inflated “banana”, flight with a parachute along the beach and a travel on water skis, this article will offer you three most extreme places to make your journey crazy and unforgettable.


The city is situated on the foot of the Caucasian range, that is why the time spending for those who are fond of extreme is obvious – mountains and hikes. The popular touristic routes will provide you with two or three days in wild nature.


The obligatory program includes sleeping in tents and swimming in mountain springs. Many of them (according to the local legends) have different kind of magical properties, but there is a great probability that after the all day long of your foot trip the limitless amount of water will seem a real magic.

If you feel that you cannot cope with such hikes by your own, join some of the touristic groups which are conducted by an instructor – it will not spoil your impressions of travel. When you have some free time in Baku visit some places with their gastronomical fancies – you will be pleased a lot.


This is truly the ideal place for those who love windsurfing. 90% of windy days a year, the sun and an endless summer – a windsurfing season here is open mostly every day. Well, it is believed that windsurfing is the best in Asia, but if you have only few weeks for a vacation, choose something closer.


From May to December Cyprus has the most appropriate time for diving. The coastal waters are famous for their variety of flora and fauna: not far from Pafos there are ruins of the ancient amphitheatre and harbour. If you are interested in sunken ships, find a ferry “Zenobia” which is located a half of a kilometer from Larnaca on the depth of18-42 meters with all its treasure – a hundred of trailers, two tractors, electric loader and a blue “Lada”. This place is visited by both professional divers and starters. Cyprus has no strong flows. Water is transparent, that is why all the delights of the Mediterranean Sea are available for divers with different skills.



You should visit the only one covered snowy track called Madrid SnowZone – it works all the year round, there is a hire of all the things you need. Those who do not like winter joys in summer may visit a carting-centre of a famous Spanish racer Carlos Sainz.


One of the best European race complexes has tracks with open and close areas, an abundant of high-speed strips and steep turns, so nobody will be dull.

Alicante and Valencia will be loved by those who are fond of kiting. The season is from February to November, this period of time is favourable due to its southern, south-western and south-eastern winds always blow in a second half of a day.


However, the great amount of beaches allows riding almost with any wind.

Palma de Mallorca is one more wonderful place for kiters and surfers, in July-August the weather is almost ideal, so you can easily slide on waves. There are some interesting places for those who are crazy about underwater sports. For visiting grottos and caves you will need a cave-diver certificate, however even a beginner may watch the life of the Mediterranean Sea dwellers.


Performing the most extreme deeds is easier and more interesting among the company of some like-minded people, and this summer offers not only a funny travelling with your friends, but also an advantageous one.

Still thinking of date and place for rest? The last argument: summer will end much faster than you expect, so start planning your trip right now. We hope, our article will help you.