What To Do If You Become Overheated In The Sun?

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Summer sun – is not only an ideal source of vitamin D, but also the reason of quite widespread disease – overheating or sunstroke. And a child and an adult may be suffered from the heat.


JiJi.ng publishes important instructions how to not be confused and give first aid if sunstroke happens.


Sunstroke is a result of direct sunlight on the bare head. In this case, only the brain suffers from a high temperature, not the body, and you may receive such blow only be walking without cap in the bright sun.

Symptoms: headache, vomiting, convulsions and respiratory disorders. Sometimes, fever, nosebleeds and violation rate.


You may not be in the sun to get the heatsroke. You can simply be in a stuffy, poorly ventilated room or shabby bags and suitcases in tight synthetic clothing – then your body thermoregulation mechanism will be broken, and it will cease to deal with the situation.


Symptoms: headache, dizziness, weakness and fatigue, agitation, disorientation or confusion. In severe cases, convulsions, loss of consciousness, hallucinations. Also people may have a rapid pulse, high body temperature.

How to distinguish heatstroke from the heatstroke?

If the patient walked for several hours in the hot sun – most likely, only the head was overheating. If person was in a stuffy room – we are talking about heatstroke.

What to do?


What else can you do?

  • If sunstroke – you need to put the roller under the head.
  • If the heatstroke – put a roller under your feet.
  • Do you doubt? Do both options: the body warm will be more evenly distributed, normalizing thermoregulation.

How to prevent?

Wear a headdress in the sun.

Hat, cap or headscarf should be white or light-colored, otherwise it is virtually useless.

Use sunscreen at the beach.

During tanning your body gets not only a huge dose of UV light, but also a large amount of warm, which is not every body can stand. Of course, cream will not save you if you lie on the beach for hours, but don’t neglect SPF.

Drink more water.

If you are in a region with a hot climate, your body requires for normal operation not 2, as usual, but at least 3 liters of water per day. So make it a rule always to take a bottle of water.

Wear clothes of natural fabrics.

Especially if you are going to stay long in the sun or lift weights. Choose a shirt made of cotton and linen.

Don’t eat a lot of fatty foods.

Remember, when your digestion and thermal energy is released, it can can overwhelm “the cup” of your body. Avoid fast food, meat and lean on fruit, vegetables and dairy products. They are digested easily and the your body will get water from them .

Carry mints in the pocket.

From a strong overheating this little trick will not help, but will save you if you feel a slight discomfort.

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