What To Do In Case Of Insect Bite

In summertime insects are everywhere. They bite people who then suffer from itching, aching and, accordingly, sleepless nights. If you want not to outlive all these things, follow several rules below.

The best help in case of insect sting is protection and preventive measures, but you cannot spend summer without insect’s bites: you won’t sit near the river in the protective suit, will you? However, it means that you will 100% get some stings.


There are some basic principles which can be applied to any insect’s bite.

  1. In case of itching and dropsy take antihistaminic medicines or special ointments.
  2. Most bites require only well-performed disinfection, so wash the sting place and apply some disinfectant substance.
  3. Each sting that aches heavily and for a long time should be showed to a doctor.
  4. Do not drink alcohol in order not to increase your dropsy.
  5. Highly allergic individuals! Consult your hospital doctor who will prescribe you some medicine to be taken immediately after the sting. And take them always in a correct dosage, even if you will have to learn give injections.



At night, when you are listening to the awful squeaking, many of us agree to be bitten rather than have sleepless night. In the morning the situation changes and your heavy itching keeps you on the trot. The best way out is antihistaminic medicine.


Among the alternative methods are: washing out the sting place with soda solution or covering with herbs juice (lavender, parsley, mint, plantain). If you do not have such ingredients, find in your fridge some dairy products.



Bee stings are easily recognized for its heavy pain, burning and left sting. It should be removed firstly in order to stop getting a toxin substance in your blood. But remember not to press out the sting and not to pull it with your fingers.

If you understand that you cannot catch the sting with the pincers without touching the poisonous bee bag, take any firm thing and a flat one (for instance, your plastic card), press its edge tightly to your skin and whisk the sting away.


Romove the sting with pincers

Then begin the local therapy. Dab your sting with soap, salt solution (1 teaspoon and a glass of water), cleanse with any antitheptic and put a cold compress. Take some medicine against allergy and drink much liquid.



If compared to bees, wasps do not leave their stings in the wound. On the one hand, this is a great advantage since you do not need to remove the sting. From the other hand, a wasp can sting once more since it has some peculiarities of its behaviour. If a wasp expresses its aggressiveness and starts stinging, the other wasps can join it. That is why the first aid in case of a wasp sting is leaving the place of an accident and do not become a kind of attraction for a wasp swarm.

Different people have different reactions on wasp’s poison: your temperature can rise, you can feel sickness and vomiting.

How the wasp sting on the lips looks like

In order to drive away the toxin substance and neutralize you should drink much liquid, especially warm tea with sugar. Besides, you should put cold compresses on the sting place, cleanse it with soda solutions or calendula and plantain extracts.

Gadfly, or horse-fly


Large flies’ bites are pretty heavy. But the problem is not in this fact, but in the fact that there is a great amount of bacteria which are carried by gadflies and horse-flies. The places of bites can become heavily swollen, they ache a lot and even can fester. That is why you have to cleanse your bite with any antitheptic and take some antihistaminic medicine. In case of a large swell put a tight bandage or a cold compress on it.

Doctors said to alert to them if

Medics told to alert them again if the swelling extended beyond the black line they had drawn

Take some painkiller to relief the heavy pain. In case of festering, go to a doctor for ointment and antibiotics. Besides, a gadfly can lay their eggs in your wound, though the risk is really small.



Everybody is afraid of tick-borne encephalitis, but not to the full extent. That is why they go to the forest in inappropriate clothes which does not protect from tick’s bites. However, you can also find a small settlement of arachnids in the city area. In summer preventive measures include skin examining, especially in the folds. Ticks bite unnoticeably, so you can find them only when it becomes very difficult to get the parasite out your skin. In case you found a tick:

  • Do not pull it out by your own and do not cover your bite place with any oil. Go to the medical establishment where professional doctors will help you pull it out without dangerous risk of separating and leaving its head in the wound. The tick will be then sent to the laboratory where it will be studied and identified whether it was a disease-borne tick or not. Doctors will tell you what to do further.
  • If you don’t have the possibility to visit a doctor immediately after the bite, find such possibility!

A common look of the tick bite

  • In case you decided to delay your visit to a doctor pull out the tick by your own. Nowadays there are special medical pincers for pulling ticks out of the skin. They allow pulling without leaving heads. If you don’t have such appliance, use your fingers. Wrap gauze around your fingers, grab the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull it out by slightly turning it around an axis.
  • Disinfect the bite place. Do not try to remove a black spot you see on the wound.
  • Manage to pull out the live tick? Then put it into the jar and go to the laboratory in order to send the blood-sucker for a special analysis.
  • Keep an eye on the bite place and on your own health condition. Rising temperature or a red circle spot around your wound can be the reason to postpone all your affairs and visit a doctor.