Why I Sold My iPad: Real Story

I am happy that my job allows testing lots of different devices for free. Anytime I have at least one device operating on any existing platform. However, when I want to spend the earned money on some new and cool gadgets, my choice falls on the Apple devices. I have iPhone 5, Apple TV and MacBook Air. And I as usual consider that Apple creates the best electronics (though, it cannot be like that always) and that is why I prefer this kind of devices rather than the others.

I also had iPad (with the super cool Retina screen), but I sold it last week for $400 ($100 less than was its price a year ago). During a period of a few months something has changed and my iPad was lying about without my active use of it. So its battery died because of lying standby. I even had no wish for charging it.


There has happened some steep turnover in my computer habits. When I bought iPad for the first time, I was using it every single minute, even more than my computer. When coming home, I used iPad for chatting in Twitter, watching videos and so on. I needed the computer only for the tasks which could not be done with my iPad. Well, computer became a kind of a convenient word processor.

How I sold my iPad

I was looking for a long time for some good website with advantageous terms and safety. After a few days of searching I stopped on JiJi – free classifieds in Nigeria. Firstly, I posted my free advertisement with some photos of good quality for people to see that my iPad had no imperfections, I mean, scratches, hollow and cracks. In just an hour I was amazed by the amount of calls from people who wanted to purchase my gadget (I couldn’t even imagine that my $100 off will work in such an effective way). However, I had to choose the only one client (that was a man desiring to buy iPad as a Christmas present for his daughter).3

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What happened?

I was noticed to use my iPad less and less because of my work load. For any writer or blogger iPad is not a perfect device even with cool accessories such as keyboard, for instance. That is why I noticed that I append much more time in front of my MacBook and understood that all the things which can be performed with a tablet can be performed on a computer, as well. Twitter, newslines, e-mail – all these things can also be used without a tablet, but with a computer.


So now I have only 2 Apple devices: iPhone (for e-mail, some short work and listening to podcasts in the underground) and a computer (for my main work and all the rest things). $400 I earned selling my iPad turned out to be much more useful than the iPad itself. Now everybody is speaking about the fact that tablets will kill personal computers. But in most cases if you need to do some kind of work, you will choose a computer. Games, entertainments, browsing – that is all your tablet can do.


The problem of tablet inferiority was tries to solve by Microsoft, but let’s face the facts: their Surface Pro had died before entering the market.

Until somebody creates an ideal hybrid of a tablet and a computer, I do not see the necessity of having 3 devices instead of 2. My phone and my computer are these devices!