Сhoice Of Celebrities Coolest Workouts For You!

While you followed the latest news to know about all their love affairs, all their scandals, and the size of inheritance they got, your idols were doing completely normal things – sports and fitness!

Now it’s YOUR time to take skis and to overtake!

You know, stars may have different hobbies… Some of them collect Barbie dolls, some are obsessed with kitchen knives…

But do you really wanna know what famous people do to stay fit?

In this article we reveal the secrets you always wanted to know.

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Lucy Liu

Lucy 4

Lucy Liu is famous for her love to “fight”. She used to take kickboxing and all that kind of stuff. But after having tried dozens of different routines, an actress has chosen the one that is very pleasant to perform and gives her strength she wants to have.

Lucy 3  Lucy 2

Pilates Workout – Core Strengthening Pilates Workout at Home

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And what is more important, this incredible “power” doesn`t make her look like a man. She is as feminine as she used to be. This magical training is famous to all Pilates. A system of exercises made by Josef Pilates in the beginning of 20th century became unbelievably popular throughout the world. Hundreds of celebrities confess that they can`t live without it.

Kucy 1

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Here is what Lucy Liu says about the effect of her Pilates workouts:

“Pilates introduced me to muscles I never even knew I had, soon I started to feel longer and leaner. Ten years of Pilates has really changed my body for the better.I’m smarter, stronger, and more confident than I was in my twenties.

There is no doubt that celebs` crazy love to this kind of exercising isn`t taken from anywhere. Try it yourself – and you will see the results within first two weeks.


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Jennifer Aniston

JA 1

Gorgeous Jennifer Aniston chooses yoga for herself. She adores it for many years and explains her choice with the fact that yoga has a great influence not only on her body, but also on her mind. When Jennifer is asked about how she keeps her body in tone, she says that it`s all due to yoga, and confesses that before she was introduced to yoga, her body was far from what it looks now.

Jennifer about yoga:

“’Yoga strengthens my muscles and gives me a great sense of peace and calm. It also improves my breathing and centres me.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 12.06.39 PM

Yoga isn`t the only type of working out that Jennifer takes. She also does Pilates once a week and goes jogging whenever she wants. As we all know, jogging also has an incredibly good influence on health. And it is something everybody can do. There is no excuse not to do it! You don`t need a coach for that, you don`t need special videos or whatever. You just go outside and run! And even if you don`t have an opportunity to go jogging outside (because of the traffic, for example), you can buy yourself a treadmill and do it at home.

JA 2

Jennifer Aniston Yoga Workout

Jennifer Aniston Yoga Workout | Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy | Class FitSugar

Take a tip from Jennifer Aniston’s trainer Mandy Ingber and mix yoga poses with classic strength-training moves to maximize your burn. This 10-minute workout works every major muscle group and then some! You will even learn a few of Jen’s favorite moves. Be sure to preorder Mandy’s new book, Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover, today.

Jennifer Aniston’s Hot-Body Workout in 5 Minutes

Jennifer Aniston’s Hot-Body Workout in 5 Minutes

If you’ve ever looked at Jennifer Aniston’s amazingly toned legs, bikini-ready abs, and annoyingly perfect arms and thought ‘how did that happen?’, well, you’re not alone. That’s why we asked Mandy Ingber, yoga instructor to the stars (including Glamour’s own September 2013 cover star, Jennifer Aniston!)


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Famous rapper and trainer Uzikwendu is showing the effectiveness of his workouts with his own body. A dream of thousands of boys throughout the world to have such body can come true – claims rapper, – all you need is persistence and will.


Uzikwendu`s system of training is a kind of classics, – he proposes to build your body with or without simulators. Constant exercising gives great results, when it comes to muscle growth and creating strong beautiful body.


Also, we shouldn`t forget about nutrition, and luckily nowadays there is no need to take steroids and all that stuff, – today we know natural super foods, for example, Maca root that provides natural growth of muscles. Uzikwendu posts the photos of his working out on Instagram, and that is a good motivation for young people to go sports))


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Natalie Portman

Nat 2

Actors and actresses are known for doing unbelievable things for their career. For example, learn to dance like a professional ballerina in a very short term.


Natalie`s experience of working out insane amount of hours to look and move like ballerina for her role in “Black Swan” has shown that this can be a great workout for every woman, who wants to have graceful feminine body and great posture.

Nat 5

Hundreds of fitness clubs added ballet workouts to their programs – so that ordinary people can fell themselves dancers. This type of working out becomes more and more popular. Ballet moves make you body flexible and strong, and make you feel yourself beautiful.

Nat 3

Natalie Portman Workout

Natalie Portman Workout

Hollywood’s hottest actors spend hours preparing for their roles. Natalie Portman is no different. In addition to her ballet training, Natalie adhered to intense endurance and cross-training workouts to get her “Black Swan” body. Today on XHIT, Rebecca-Louise shows you all the right moves to get a toned dancer’s physique.

But ballet wasn`t the only training Natalie had to take. She also had to do lots of endurance exercise. And she had to do a lot of swimming.


Choose the option that is best for you. Start it right now and be sporty like celebrity.

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