Hey! Are you alone or still feel alone even after finding a man of your dream?

Maybe, you are making the same mistakes all over again?

Well, JiJi is here to help you! Find out how to love!


There is a book by Adam J. Jackson called “The Secrets of Abundant Love”:

A modern parable of wisdom and love that will change your life.

It’s quite interesting, appeasing and inspiring, but we offer you a concised version with all the key moments. There is enough information about some moral laws you should follow in order to attract the right person into your life.

Are you ready?


1. The power of Thought

Have you heard the quotation that

What we think, we become.

What are you thinking of? Of some material possessions? Hm, therefore, you’re unlikely to attract somebody worth attention.

Let your mind be full of love to the ambient world. Look, there are so many beautiful things all around! All these marvellous birds, the sunlight, the trees which provide us with oxygen! Be grateful for these simple, but actually great nature marvels! And love them.

Moreover, don’t forget to think in positive way. Pay attention to good sides of life, concentrate on them and prevail sadness and sorrow!


2. The power of Respect

First of all, you need to respect yourself and your desires. You are worth everything you want, and don’t hesitate! Secondly, respect people surrounding you. Every one of them has at least one thing for which he/she can be called a dignified person. Ask yourself what traits you have to acquire self-respect, what bents other people have to be called respectful. Learn how to love people in this way. By the way, some tips to love yourself are already written here.


3. The power of Gift

One of the main secrets of gaining love is giving it to others. The more you give, the more you get! Don’t be afraid to be the first to give it. The wide-spread mistake is that people are waiting for someone to come and love them, instead of being the source of love themselves. Be kind to people, do some pleasant things for them without waiting for something in return – and you will be awarded!


4. The power of Friendship

How can you find an appropriate patner of life if you stay at home? It’s the first thing for you to deal with 🙂

The second one is that before finding love, find a friend. Be close to a person sharing his/her ideas, points of view on life and other values. And it’s a guarantee that when you proceed to another step in your relationships, you will get both lover and devoted friend by your side.


5. The power of Touch

You might have heard about the healing power of touch. Yes, scientists have proved that a simple touch (for instance, hug) can reduce the stress and cheer a person up. Moreover, researches also showed that children who had been hugged and kissed in childhood a lot, grew up a lot more positive and happy people. So, touch people a bit! And respond, when somebody is touhing you. It’s a kind of daily magic!



6. Give Freedom!

A lot of people are looking for love and relationships just to get rid of loneliness. Unfortunately, it’s a wrong way. Don’t be afraid to stay alone for some time. Spend this time to find out more about yourself.

After finding a person you fall in love with, don’t try to hold him/her. The person you are destined to be with, will always return. If this person don’t return, you don’t simple have to be with him/her. So why spend time on these people?


7. The power of Communication

Communication is a key to any kind of relationships. You can read more about how to find new friends. However, the kind of communication we want to discuss in this paragraph is something else, but also relevant. The power of being candid. Yes, we’re afraid to express our feelings if we have some, because we feel vulnerable. Well, there is nothing bad in vulnerability – actually, it’s the process of being yourself.

Do you feel love? Express love!


8. The power of Devotion

This law is relevant to the power of Freedom. When you give a person a variety of choices and he/she chooses to come back to you, it’s devotion. It’s willing to be near. But devotion also means responsibility. True love isn’t possible without responsibility. But some people are afraid of it. Therefore, prevail over your fears!


9. The power of Passion

Passion may be considered not only between people. It also signifies the enthusiasm and devotion to the things you have in life (for instance, your career).

But what’s the secret of passion between people? How to make it last for years? Focus your attention on the most fascinating things about your partner. And wonder any time you notice it.


10. The power of Trust

Probably, everyone of us has been betrayed at least once. We get disappointed, depressed and we lack the trust in people. How to overcome this feeling? Be brave!

Being brave means to stand up each time you face the failure, to trust new people when you know that some “old friends” have betrayed you. Don’t think that everybody is bastard, if you have been cheated by someone.

Risk at trusting people! Without risking you won’t get anything worth in life!


We hope you got inspiration and motivation to love.

Develop yourself with JiJi!

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