5 Amazing Mobile Apps For Fintess & Sports

Let`s face the truth – most of us are hopeless idlers – especially when it comes to performing physical exercises. It is much easier to sit comfortably in your chair and explore your smartphone. Well, you can kill two birds with one stone – modern smartphones are filled with the most interesting and useful applications that can help us in many spheres of our life.


If you still don`t have a cool mobile phone – JiJi highly recommends you to buy it no later than today – because we have five incredible sport apps for you!


A person seldom does something without a reason – he needs a motif! Choose yourself one – win a 100-meter race, get rid of a few kilograms faster than stock price of Samsung rises – or create your own version!

The main thing is that these apps will rise your amateur workouts on next level and become your reliable coach!

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Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo was originally designed for jogging. But, eventually, they started to add other innovative stuff: in the end, Endomondo became some sort of a super-machine to calculate any physical activity (related to sports). Today, Endomondo is a great assistant and counselor for jogging, walking, riding a bicycle etc.

During your jogging session Endomondo determines your location using GPS in your smartphone. While listening to your favorite music, you can calculate speed, distance and determine how many calories you have burned during your workout. In addition, in order to increase motivation you can save the results and compare your achievements with the results of other participants, whose statistics you can always access.

Wanna share your record with friends? Post your results on Twitter or Facebook via Endomondo! And if you need a useful professional advice – ask it in a message to another program user!

Endomondo is even compatible with respiration sensors and heart rhythm sensors of a user. The application integrates with Sony SmartWatch.

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All-in Fitness

You can buy this app in the App Store for just 1 dollar. For your money you will get a set of 1200 well-designed exercises with explanations and step-by-step videos. As soon as you enter your details and purpose of exercising, All-in Fitness will select the best exercises for you and help you monitor the correctness of their performance, and fix all the results – up to the amount of water you drank during the workout.

In the world of All-in Fitness you come from the main menu, which includes 4 large sections. They, in turn, will guide you through the diversity of application features:

  • all sorts of ways of spending energy and calorie burning;
  • great amount of programs with a short description of what result it is aimed at;
  • search of the most effective groups of exercises to elaborate different groups of muscles with demonstration videos;
  • contraindications to working with injured muscles, etc.

All in 1

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All-In Fitness – iPhone App Review

All-In Fitness is my new favorite app to use while at the gym, no lie. This application is awesome and affordable, it’s definitely worth checking out.


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Just 6 weeks: mission is undoubtedly possible!

Is it possible to improve the shape of your body in 6 weeks? Completely, – claims Just Do Inc!, developer of Just 6 weeks application.

Just imagine – after a short period of time you will be able to amaze your friends by performing 100 consecutive sit-ups, or 70 push ups, or 50 pull-ups!

Just 6 weeks 1

Run the application and you will see a simple, intuitive menu with friendly interface. The app includes the exact schedule of exercises with remindings, number of sets and days of performing. You will fail to skip the workout!

The entire period of time until you will bring your body to perfection, you will be accompanied by detailed instructions. Add to that:

  • a timer with user-friendly control;
  • statistics on performing exercises;
  • fitness tests;
  • exercise plans, taking into account the level of your training;
  • a timer for rest between the sets – and you will get your own unique virtual trainer!

Just 6 weeks 2

[appbox appstore 580878681 simple]

[appbox googleplay alexcrusher.just6weeks.full&hl=ru simple]

My Before and After Photos of the 6WeekSixPack Xtreme Challenge

I just did this: http://www.6weeksixpack.com and these are my before and after photos of the results I got in just 6 weeks with home workouts. The exact same home workouts I give you guys to do, I did, and these photos proves that they are as powerful as I always tell you they are.


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Nike Training Club

After having dressed the whole world in coolest sport clothing, Nike decided not to stop and created a unique application for those who are used to wake up with “Just do it” on their lips!

Nike Training Club 1

In Nike Training Club you will find almost a hundred of individual programs with different levels of difficulty – depending on level of your training and even the amount of your free time. Note also that none other than famous athletes and fitness instructors created these programs!

Nike Training Club 2

Many programs are universal and work with multiple muscle groups – so you will achieve a desired effect faster than you thought! Lesson takes about 45 minutes. To perform most of the exercises you won`t even need a treadmill or other training simulator.

Before you begin using the application, it will propose you to download a set of additional instructions with illustrations and videos.

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[appbox googleplay com.nike.ntc&hl=ru simple]


No Description


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Workout Trainer

Just select the aim of a workout – for example, you want to lose weight or to work on a certain muscle group. Workout Trainer will select for you an optimum set of exercises for a period of two to six weeks. At any time, you can adjust the program or choose another one.

Workout Trainer 1

As well as many other applications, Workout Trainer provides detailed video instructions for exercises. Even if you don’t speak English – they are so clear that you won’t have any difficulties! All images are loaded before the start of the training – after that you won`t even need access to the Internet.

Workout Trainer 2

[appbox appstore 395686735 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.skimble.workouts&hl simple]

Workout Trainer for Android review

It’s always easier to do with a workout trainer and those don’t come cheap. That is, unless you have Workout Trainer, the free Android application that lets you set physical goals for yourself and makes suggestions based on thousands of different exercises @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/q1PGTA

Stay fit – all you need is a modern smartphone and a wish to exercise!

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