5 Most Unique Types Of Massage

Massage with elephant foot, massage with slick snails, face slapping massage… Beauty knows no pain, and modern unique types of massage prove it once again!


Some of these types of massage you can find right in your favorite massage parlor, but for some of them you would have to go to the world`s end!


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Snail, don’t draw in your horns, make me a massage!

Any woman would give any money for natural anti-aging face cream that would not only “promise” to make her young and beautiful, but would really make her younger! Well, there is such remedy! Attention, please – it`s a snail slime!


This massage won`t scare you to death like Thai snake massage, for example. But be ready that some horny creatures will crawl on you!


Today this exotic type of animal massage is offered in large massage parlors in many countries. Snails are placed on your face, neck, décolleté, arms, – all those parts where skin aging is seen the most. The substance that snails secrete is a miracle cure, which has anti-aging effect on skin. At the same time, muscular movement of snails` “legs” provide a massaging effect.


Slime is kept on skin for about 15-20 minutes, and then it is washed off. This breathtaking pleasure costs only 25$. They say the effect is worth it!

The result:
Skin rejuvenation, even skin without stretch marks, black spots, acne, pigment spots, freckles, scars.


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Massage with ivory sticks

Facial massage with ivory sticks is a unique Chinese technique known since ancient times, and even today it has no analogues.


Massage is made with Chinese ivory sticks. These sticks are unique, because they repeat the form of nose, chin, forehead and cheekbones. The procedure is great for facial muscles – a master works with every muscle of the face. But the skin is not stretched and there is no feeling of pressure on it.


The result:

Session of this massage improves muscle tone, reduces wrinkles, skin begins to renew; it also improves metabolism and gives a noticeable lifting effect. After several massages the skin becomes smooth and radiant – as if you have gone through a rejuvenation course using effective natural masks.


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2 ? 1: Psychological + manual massage

At Mii Amo Spa Resort in the United States they believe that massage is not only a manual effect on muscles, but also psychological effect on mind. Of course, your masseur knows the basics of psychology!


While he makes you a gentle massage, you are slowly telling him about your problems. The specialist explains you in details how these difficulties in life affect the body – or vice versa – what problems in body cause certain emotions.


The result: psychoanalysis, massage and energy recovery in one procedure! It costs $ 1000 – just as much as your iPhone!


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“Slapping in the face” massage

A verse from the Bible “Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek turn to him the other also” is definitely about this type of massage. There is no doubt they knew what they were talking!

maxresdefault (1)

There is a belief that the idea is owned by Thais (who else would invent something like this!). Client consults with masseur what part of the face shall be the subject of processing. After, masseur gently rubs into his skin aromatic massage oil.



Then, a masseur turns up Thai music and begins … to slap you in the face! After the series of slaps, he begins to intensively nip your cheeks, chin and nose, and then gives a couple of strong slaps again.

That is a good shakeup … But there are no hidden dislikes Thais have to their clients or particular Thai has to your American roots. In fact, it is one of the most effective types of facial massage.

The result:

The method reduces the number of wrinkles, reduces pores and tightens the skin. One session of such massage lasts from 15 to 20 minutes, and the results can last from six months to year!

“How long the action will last depends on care. If you gain some weight, the effect may disappear earlier”, explains Tassna, the owner of a major Thai massage salon in the United States, “Tai Dian”


Experts say that perhaps this slapping massage intensifies blood circulation in the facial area, which explains its action.

One anti-wrinkle facial massage costs $ 350. Think for yourself – whether you want to give somebody money to slap you in the face for the sake of youth?

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Elephants are dancing… on your back!

This exotic type of spa-treatment is offered in Chiang Mai province.


These are not ordinary elephants (and not masked huge Thais), these are real Thai elephants that have been trained in the art of massage! By the way, they even have certificate … And don’t say that Thais do not know everything about massage!

For a couple of sessions elephant will completely save you from the back pain. Naturally, the elephant doesn`t step on you with all its weight, otherwise you would hardly have decided (and been able) to repeat the procedure: it massages you for a few minutes with soft, flavorful movement of the edge of the foot or the trunk. And then, alright, it will leave you alone.


Not sure about your lower back pains, but you will definitely be glad that elephant didn`t crushed you!


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