6 Signs That She Likes You

So, you are crazy about this girl! But you can`t really figure out whether she really likes you. It seems to you that “yes”, but still you have lots of doubts – maybe it`s all in your dreams??


And while you are choosing a great present for her on JiJi, keep reading this post – it is created to answer your question!


We have already written a post about his flirting. And we`ve got to tell you that when it comes to girls, they have completely different indicators of being interested in you. You won`t believe how many times you have made all those mistakes – and how wrong you were at recognizing her body language. Let us fix it!

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Information about yourself

“Probing” is one of the ways that a woman uses to ascertain the financial status of a man. She will ask you about your family, your friends and your tastes in food, music and movies. Also, she can ask what job do you have, in what part of the city is your house located, what car do you have.


Very often she builds the list of your interests in order to follow your preferences and to avoid doing things you don`t like.

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Eye Contact

It is worth to look for the signs of woman’s sympathy in her eyes)) – watch how she looks at you. If the girl likes you, she will stop her look on you for a long time, and even study you. This is the surest sign that you need to make the next step.


If she catches your stare on herself – she may harshly look away, that confirms her interest in you, because she is embarrassed. Even if she glance all around the room, it doesn`t mean that she is not interested – it is more likely that she is freaking in your presence. The same thing is when the girl drops her eyes when you look at her.


Note her pupils when she looks at you: if they dilate, it is much likely that she has already fallen in love with you and feels the excitement in your presence. But always keep in mind that the pupils dilate in a dark room!


Girls are not all mixed signals and confusing, if you learn these simple body language “signs” and how to interpret text messages and non verbals you can know whether or not a girl likes you!! I hope this helps ♡ Also….WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL!! I upload new videos every Monday!!

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When it comes to a girl`s voice, there is some kind of a standard here: if the girl wants to attract you, she changes her regular voice to low, deep, chest voice, sometimes even with a slight rasp.


The tempo of her speech also changes: it slows down, “stretches”- she does this so that you can “read behind the lines” and pay attention at the voice indicator. The voice becomes almost hypnotizing! Most often, with singing intonations.

But that is not always so. Sometimes, she is so nervous that her voice begins to “jump”, and a kind of a shrill can appear. She also can start coughing.

Also, she can start whispering in order to come closer to you.

You can also determine the fact that she is nervous by the way she laughs, – her laugh can become loud and abrupt.

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Another reliable way to determine that a girl likes you: she straightens her back in you presence. Draws the abdomen and straightens his shoulders, as if she is going to fly! Her gait changes – it becomes insanely sexual, hips are swaying to the rhythm of walking. She may slightly tilt to you or come closer.


You should know one fact: many girls have a great posture. Still, there is a simple life hack: go to the bathroom for 10 minutes, and watch her posture and gait from the outside.

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Simple physiology: many people have such thing – in the moment of excitement the blood rushes to their face – and there appears blush on the cheeks. If a girl blushes when you look at her – boldly go to the next step!


But here you can make a mistake: if the girl is too emotional and blushes very often. You can check this reaction by watching how she speaks to someone else in your presence: the picture will be quite different!

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Body never lies! Complex of nonverbal flirting signals given to us by nature. Dilated pupils, fleeting smile, touch – all that are nonverbal signals.


Carefully but unobtrusively, watch her behavior:

  • She turns her legs, feet and shoulders to you;
  • Touches her hair, jewelry, plays with them;
  • During the talk with several people, she often speaks to you;
  • She nervously plays with her jewelry (for example, plays with her chain or the ear hook points;
  • She repeats your moves (for example, if you place a hand on a table, she immediately does the same);
  • She smiles when you smile to her;
  • Also, the girl in love can often lick her lips, touch her neck and pull her head so that the neck seem longer;
  • Extended nostrils can also be a sign of her interest. Although this sign is hard to discern without looking closely on her nose;
  • Accidental display of carelessness (opened her thigh when sitting legs crossed, or “accidentally” dropped the strap? of her dress;
  • She constantly tries to show her neck.Sshe constantly laughs.


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How to Read a Girl’s Body Language | Teen Dating Tips

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Now it`s time to make a move!

These are the main signs of girl’s interest in you. On a next date get a perfect present for her and make an analysis of these signs – perhaps, tomorrow both of you will make the next step in your relationship!



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