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6 Tricks To Find Information You Need

Do you need extremely rare information which is difficult to reach for your work?

Don’t get upset or desperate!

JiJi will help you find everything!


We’ve already mentioned 13 ways to google information in the most efficient and productive way, but you can use more tricks to find whatever you need!

1. An accurate request

If you can’t find information relating to your topic, try using several relevant requests. For instance, Cars JiJi or Cars in Nigeria, or Where To Buy Cars in Nigeria.

Google (or another search engine) will provide you with a plenty of answers!


2. A choice of search engine

There are more and more search engines on the Internet. So many of them appear every day, another ones are local… But we recommend you to use Google.com – becauce it’s global, and it’s one of the first search engines established (therefore, it has much more information!).


3. Find answers on further pages

Sometimes something you need isn’t situated above, on the top of the first page. So, don’t lose hope – just look through the next pages. You can never know, what treasures you will find 😉

4. Not Google? Try Google Books!

When you need more insight, it’s better for you to look through Google Books, as authors provide deeper information on relevant issues by publishing ar least excerpts of their books. While using this technique, use the tip 1 to find appropriate data.

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5. Don’t forget about forums!

Yes, it may sound a bit out-of-date, but a forum is a place where you can find a community of people who are keen on specific subjects. First of all, they might have mentioned something worthy (for instance, relevant books or films). Furthermore, you can turn directly to them and ask an advice. Don’t neglect any means of information!


6. Use a lot of sources.

If you rely on one or two resources, you won’t be enough familiar with the subject. The more you read, the more you know!


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