6 Unexpected Factors That Imperceptibly Influence Your Opinion

All of us want to think that we are the masters of our behavior. Of course, it`s nice to believe that we are the ones who choose! We buy a certain cell phones because of a smart marketing only because of its functions and design. You buy a washing machine because your wife is crazy about it) only because it is the best model . And during a family dinner in a restaurant we order certain dish because your wife`s father can`t stand your favorite Japanese food) only because we like it!

The truth is – there are factors that influence our behavior and we don`t even know about that!


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Time of a year influences your choice of a movie

Why in cold season there are more romantic movies, and in summer it`s all about action movies? Marketers are undoubtedly aware of the principle of human brain functioning. They know that in autumn and winter people need warmth, – all a person need is to hug the one you love and to watch the big screen.

In fact, during the cold season, the brain tries to compensate the lack of warmth and bring it back to the body, forcing us to think about hot beating heart, warmness of another person`s body and all that stuff.



Cultural factors influence behavior within a nation

Great amount of studies show that cultural factors have influence on behavior of people who belong to a particular nation, on their values and the selection criteria.



The Spanish specialist Montehano claims that cultural factors determine the significant differences in behavior of tourists from different countries:

  • For French people low prices is the main factor in their choice of tour, hotel, restaurant, etc. In addition, they are more likely to prefer family tourism, try to choose places in close geographic proximity, adore calm rest and warm, sunny places.
  • The Italians, by contrast, are eager for adventures and active rest, meeting people, studying the cultural values of another country. Moreover, Italian tourists are unorganized in their choice of services.
  • For the British the main factors are climate, best price and quality, local cuisine, relaxation. They can travel with the help of travel agencies or without it.
  • The Germans adore studying unfamiliar cultures; they often choose developed countries with unpolluted environment. They are extremely demanding to combination of price and quality, love campings with unusual communities of people.



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Touch makes people like each other

Each experienced waitress knows that touching the arm or shoulder of a client “not on purpose” noticeably increases her chances to get a tip. Psychologists also use this trick to create connection with a client. A good manager will never miss the opportunity to shake a hand or even hug a partner during setting an important contract. All this is the manifestation of the sensor control over mind!


And marketers know that after touching the product, people not only buy a product more often, but also are ready to pay more. The fact is that subliminally in the moment of touching the product a person begins to feel it as if it was his property.


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Orientation to experience in the past

Many people, getting into an unknown situation or facing new circumstances rely on their own experience – because they do not know how to behave. This experience can be your own experience, inspired by the views of other people in a similar situation – or your choice may base on the opinion of a person who has authority. Notice that in this case the solution may work for another person, but not for you!


Your name can influence your life

Maybe it is difficult for you to believe, but statistics states: in New Jersey live more people whose name starts with “N”, in Georgia – there are more James, Johns and Georges. This may sound ridiculous, but people tend to move to the cities phonetically associated with their names.

This effect influences not only the choice of place of residence. For example, it can influence the position in selection of political attitudes: if your name starts with “P”, chances are good that you will choose a political party the name of which begins with the same letter, or even a President whose last name starts with “P”. Your name starts with “A”? And what is your favorite brand of clothing, maybe “Adidas”? Looking for a job? Success may come simply because your initials match with the initials of the Chief or the personnel officer.


Yeah, it sounds like nonsense. But the brain is self-centered and considers that things that sound like your name will be the best choice for you. In fact, this effect is a classic case of implicit selfishness: we tend to be receptive to everything that reminds us of ourselves!

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The principle of reciprocity

This behavioral model assumes a need to repay a person for a favor. That is, that you feel yourself obliged by default. On the other hand, giving something to somebody, you also expect reciprocity.


So in this situation, your decisions and actions are not so pure – partly because of the principle of reciprocity. For example, you may think 10 times whether to kick his ever-barking dog – or whether to be angry about the fact that he accidentally mashed your motocycle, when he took it at the weekend.


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