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7 Things Everyone Must Experience Before Marriage

Marriage is a wonderful thing of presenting all of you to another person. But before you do that, live some time with your own life. And don’t forget to experience each one of these wonderful things before you unfree yourself.

Get ready to START

1) Go on a wild weekend with your friends

Take a car, furnish it with a bunch of CDs with a good music, take smartphones, cameras and other electronic devices to memorize your weekend and start the road! Get to another city, explore another country, do crazy things together with your friends.


Do something you would probably regret doing in an ordinary day, let all of your true self get crazy! Give yourself this luxury for at least once, for at least 2 days of your weekend spent with your true friends.

2) Fall in love, more than once

In order to understand what kind of partner you need for the rest of your life, you should try different relationships out. So go outside and try all possible variants.


It’s even good to try being in a one-sided relationship. Of course it is not a requirement but still it gives an overview on relationships they might be. Yes, it might seem and feel a bit cruel to a person who is going to be the one who suffers from unshared love. But still, any experience is a good one – the bad ones teach us how to further avoid similar situations.

3) Get crazy about your hobby

Before sharing yourself with someone else, live a selfish life for a while. Become fully engrossed in art, or writing a book, take some educational courses, learn a new language, or do whatever that you love. Focus on yourself completely – it is the most important thing to do. The time will come when you let some other person become a part of your daily routine but before that explore your inner self.


4) Decide on your path considering only your own desires

If you have plans to get your MBA or PhD – go for it! If you want to get a driver license or become a super-programmer – don’t waste a minute. Let no one but you decide on your future path even if you’ll have to move all your entire life to Brazil. It doesn’t matter. Just listen to your heart and its desires, and follow them.


5) Try to climb a career ladder

Love and relationships are definitely important. But job and career are equally necessary aspects of your life where you ought to succeed. It is stupid to think that your goal in life is to find a sponsor who’ll supply you with finances for the rest of your life. What if you break up with that person? Will you feel self-confident having no job and no source of income? So this is the time to learn and to develop. This is the time to try yourself writing CVs and passing interviews, negotiating with colleagues and partners.


6) Start a savings account

You know, it is quite a good thing to have some finances for a rainy day. And it is a good idea to open a savings account so your money doesn’t just stay in a drawer but bring you some interest income.


Moreover, to think about the future when the time comes for a wedding day and having children you will definitely have a lot of expenses. Get yourself prepared to those times beforehand; start gathering some cash right at the moment.

7) Create a list of five values it’s important your partner has

t3juO133dCcSay, for example, you want him or her to have some core values like being addicted to one kind of sport, or being creative and innovative all the time and so without it you’ll feel like your life is not full. Or that you would definitely want to have a pet so both of you could have someone to take care of before you decide on having children. Of course these values are not set in stone. If you find the one breaking your outlook – then cross over your rules and invent some other ones. But keep the list of necessary things to observe in your partner so you don’t cheat on yourself and your own core values. And so you don’t get mistaken with your own choice.

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